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Digital Marketing Geek :)
Digital Marketing Geek :)

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Hey all, 

We have officially launched our new Google + page. If you get a second, please follow us. I would really appreciate it. 

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Here are some interesting stats about web site design! 

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I presume everyone has since this, but if you haven't. 

How were everyone's holiday? Any crazy stories? I had a great time hanging with family etc. 

Hello Tucson,

There has been some discussion of adding a few sub-categories for the group. I would like to limit the sub-categories to 3 at this point and slowly expand sub-categories as needed. Please nominate and vote for your 3 favorite sub-categories. 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! 

Hello Tucson!

There has been some recent discussion on what constitutes Spamming and the proper guidelines for this community. 

In my experience the most common way to deal with this is to write up some general guidelines and then let the moderators enforce them.  Lets take sometime over the holidays to discuss this.

If anyone would like to put in there 2 cents, please feel free to do so. This community is for Tucson and we would love to hear your opinions. 

What does everyone think about the street construction downtown? I work downtown, so I like to see all the activity but getting around can be a pain. :( 

Hey +Travis Wright (teedubya)  Long time no see! 

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