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Halo Reach Beta Montage
AfroRyan's Halo Reach Beta Montage -AfroRyan Enjoy it!

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Halo Supercut: Rough Cut
Halo Super[rough]cut -AfroRyan Enjoy my terrible playing

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A poem I wrote when I couldn't sleep
Live and let live, love and let love As is below, so is above I know not where the future lead Mankind enslaved or mankind freed Love and tolerance a forced path Does bring nothing but hate and wrath Meet in the middle it is wise Two sides find reason to de...

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Requisite Yearly Post
So a little update: 1: I got my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology a couple months ago. 2: I'm working full time at SIU in IT. 3: I'm working part time at Gamestop [again]. 4: I shaved my head after 2+ years of growth [for the 3rd time in the past 6 years]...

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I hit a piñata like an idiot with the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 140

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+cameron richmond Here's a couple people you know: +Derek Hartwell +Nathan Hosselton

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