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No, they invented the Korean language a lot earlier than last Sunday.
+Rabia Bulbul because they bomb?

No, seriously, did you understood that it's related to the Korean language, used in both Koreas, countries on the Asiatic continent?

The islamic book should be "Koran" or something like that, and not "Korean".
Chinese was easier. but as for korean,
Sum Ting Wong.
Fear not everyone, this is real, and I’m never going to post a fake guide. Just because someone talks about jokes on April Fools Day doesn’t make them a psycho, just like wearing green on St Patrick’s Day doesn’t make you Irish and being nice on Christmas doesn’t mean you’re not a jerk.
+Rabia Bulbul I'm confused. The only one who mentioned the Quran was you. I assume there was some kind of misunderstanding.
i got lost when it started to show pics
This is great! I lived in Korea for 16 months and I speak Korea. Thanks for the post!
+1 man, really good guide. I had the pleasure of learning to read Hongul, and speak Korean a few years back. Wish this guide would have been around then!
Great job, it takes a lot of work to make something easy for other people!
If you don't believe it, write your name according to this guide, then go to google translate to verify. Worked for me.
Cool. I learned something new. :)
This is awesome! Gotta learn to write my name at least!
Although I have no need or desire to learn Korean, I applaud your methodology. I live in a Spanish speaking country, while English is my first language, so I can appreciate how valuable tools like this are. Muchos Gracias, Thanks, and 감사합니다!
ok i dont know HALF of what you said Mike but OK.
haha! very accurate. where was this two years ago when I was starting to learn korean.
never knew korean could be taught in such a fun way...:)nice effort
its pretty cool but i think i would have to read it again i am a little confused
I read a similar lesson on a poster at Woojip, a fast food place in K-town NYC. This cartoon made it far more interesting.
Ala A
Thanks ^^
Awesome tutorial!!!!!!!!!! the most awesomest
I wish that you could do something like this for Chinese! This was really awesome! Thanks.
It really is this easy to read and write it. Understanding it? Not so much.
I will practice reading the ads on an Itaewon subway while chowing on some salty yakimandu for that delicious 'vitamin G'
i'd love to see where you tackle the exceptions, such as 한라산, 속리산, and this sort of thing.
굿잡! 베리 이지 투 런!
대단합니다. 재미있었어요. ^^
Tooo hard :-( and i did it in 4 min
And how do you evan match the charecters
It wont let me:-!

1. the vowels which looks tall ( l ) - tree, up front, far away, before, after, yup, y'all yes, yak - has to be placed after the consonants

2. the vowels which looks long ( -- ) - brook, over, at the root, yo, you - has to be placed below the consonants!

3. it's the same even if a vowel has them both - water, wet, wag, we, wonder, brook+tree .

it's easy. it's like a puzzle when u write them down. hope it helped! :-)
David M
Hello, guys. It's all true. You can read Korean now.

안녕하세요. 이건 모두 사실이에요. 이제 여러분들은 한국어를 읽을 수 있습니다.
역시 한글이 짱!
Pronunciation system of Korean is almost fixed like Germany. So, you can make sound (read by mouth) from Korean text, while you do not know the meaning of it.
It is real things not a april's joke.
How would you write a F sound as in Fred, Phil etc?
+Daniel Heath It's just written as a P, because there is no F in Korean. Although more recently a lot of signs have been using fitness club becomes hwitness culub. But that is dumb. I would use P.
잘 만드셨네요^^ 너무 재미있어요
Keep up the good's funny.
cool! I actually managed to decipher some of the language on my own when I used to go there on business, it is really quite well-organized
Am I the only one wondering if Rabia is kidding or being serious? On another note... this is cool.
So I've been reading this guide and practicing in between matches of the IPL today. Been translating SC2 unit names for practice.
Now I'm writing down all the Korean comments left here and trying to translate those.
Thanks for the tutorial. I read through it and was surprised to see that I could decipher the writings to match the faces. Great job! Now... to actually understand what you're reading!
Jeez..... I could've used this a few years back. Very well done!!
Hey mate didnt learn a thing thanks so much for attempting a15 minute lesson
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