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Has so many use cases. Thanks for your insight.
I would say this works for tutorials and slide presentations too. nice.
I posted these on the first photo, but I'd rather them be in the context of an actual post, so I'm reposting them here:

Scott Bourne (who I rarely agree with) brought up some interesting issues with licensing photographs (or anything uploaded to G+, technically) last week:

Note: You definitely can retain your copyrights, but you're giving Google a free irrevocable license to use your content and give it to its partners for use commercially.

I agree that the ease of doing it is nice and gives a pretty good user experience for the readers, but are you saying you're okay with the licensing side of publishing via Google+?

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all my stuff is released under creative commons. So they could do that anyway.
That's a great point +Michael Owens, thanks for posting. What I take away from that is, "don't give away what you're not willing to give away". If Google+ is to be used as a promotional channel, don't post anything here that you aren't trying to sell. Thanks again.
+Jude Hansen You could be trying to sell a much richer version of it, or value added services that go beyond it.
Once the dust settles down, I don't think there will be much of an issue with rights and that sort of thing. Especially not with the data liberation stance Google is already taking.
+Mark Holmes High res photo v. low res; first few pages v. the entire publication. Good point. I think you could still construct a system around it but awareness is crucial.
+Jude Hansen I think awareness is always key in these things. Ability to read the terrain and adapt accordingly.
I felt a little sheepish after mentioning tutorials since this is essentially a tutorial. =P
I’m definitely gonna be prepping more tutorials! Working on one now for “How to be a sales ninja” based on a class I used to teach Citibank employees in India.
This is awesome! Thanks for this. I shall start doing a daily comic exclusively on g+ :)
Dang dude! This is super inspiring. Well done!
Ryan this is awesome! Gotta try this out tonight, thanks for the idea dude
But maybe you want to take a look at the terms and conditions and check what they say about how can they use your work. If you're planning to copyright it, better refrain from sharing your comics this way.
Is there a non-G+ place you've posted about this? Blog entry maybe? I suspect it would be a "killer app" for not a few cartoonists, and I'd like to post about it on my publishing network, but I'd rather be able to provide something for the folks not on G+ yet.
I haven’t! I figured the uninitiated wouldn’t be interested, but maybe I should toss it on Tumblr or something.
Hmmm....I like this....I wonder if they will have a feature like this for video so us animators can take advantage. Nice work BTW Ryan!
re. TOS, none of the articles seem to mention this important line: "This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services.", though the one linked directly ahead of this comment has an addendum that includes it.

I don't know if that's because Google added it later to clarify, but it's there now. Re. not being able to provide exclusive use, that has nothing to do with this issue. You post your pictures publicly online and they're not exclusive any more, regardless of the TOS. I freelance as a professional photographer for a national magazine. I would never load pictures I'm offering for exclusive anywhere on the web, for what ought to be obvious reasons.
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