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UP next to be the leader of North Korea: Kim Jong Un.
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But with less balloons and more dictatorship...
Nice one... missing the smile though, and I guess we wont see that...ever..I do mean never...
This similarity was pointed out on The Daily Show a while back. I couldn’t find the clip, so I made my own.
Haven't the generals who fought in the Korean war effectively been in control and merely use the leader(s) as nothing more than puppets?
now this is hilarious, although i do wonder how much those north koreans would find it funny.
صورة حلوووة موووت
این هنوز نیامده باد کرده
first lie: UP was his idea and pixar stole his image.
俩人长得还挺像 ...
This is really funny! (But really sad too considering the circumstances that the North Koreans face)
Lets hope Kim Jong-un don't go for is nuclear missile merit badge =//
OMG they are the same
Amy Hu
but it looks cute in a way
Amy Hu
it's like comparing to a hopeful person to a such a serious person which in a way is kinda weird.
ok i like the up story very much ! love it
Same circus ... different clown.
It is irony
i used to watched this movie it is very good
...and when you think he's got nukes!!!
Ted Orr
Best not to piss-off the adolescent controller of a nuclear arsenal.
Still trying to get my nuclear engineer merit badge!
Haha lol I love this photo, they look like twins!
LOL :)
삼가 조의를 표합니다.
D Stahl
Funny the Up boyscout. Follows the dear leader.
You joke about this, but this kid is going to be put into a position that could change the world, for better or worse. Don't joke about people like this, it just has no place.
boo Jay
Let's hope he makes a good movie leader.
Wonder if his older siblings are going to bump him off?
Katy Lo
Russell is not a Communist. lol
The North Koreans would find this comparison funny, if they ever get to see it ;)
nice but sad moments for Koreans they lost their dear leader.
whoa he is a political leader lol
he has earned his promotion, just look at his double chin. got it early in his youth lucky lad..LOL
Kim John Ir must have been a rittre too ronery
irish d
yet this guy's gonna have a lot of mistresses (shudders)
Maybe he'll just turn out to be a party hound, you know "Peace and Flowers" and all!
That dot will be filled with lead in three days
I bet hes really good at Starcraft II... We shouldn't doubt his military planning.
I imagine it going something like this.
Captain: "Sir, we don't have any void rays"
Kim Jong Un: Upgrade the Carrier Shields!!
Captain: I don't understand
Kim Jong Un: Facepalm.jpeg... And to think, your rank is Captain.
pretty funny..but he's one dangerous kid right now...easily brainwash..then BOOOOM!
Looks like a spoiled brat!
Haha too funny. Its the kid within him
+Joseph Lean While I agree with you, I don't think it'll do much good to be friendly to this guy. Kim Jung Un is so inexperienced (having only been prepped for his leadership role for three years) that it won't be him that's in charge. I think he will play the part of a figurehead only, and not actually be involved in the politics of North Korea, which means it's still the same mindset in power, just a different face in front of that mind
این چرا ایژوریه ؟؟
He looks like a good boy...the kind that would help little old ladies across the street etc....LOL
Adam H
Kim Jong Sick => Kim Jong ILL=> Kim Jong Dead => Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un-Dead. Braaaaiiinnsssss!!!
He's a 4 star General at 27 yrs. old, next in line to run an already unstable nuclear nightmare. good thing he was educated in Switzerland.
CJ Lee
You have to appreciate the creative of animator.
When old crazy little dictators create young crazy little dictators . . .
No longer going to be able to hear about North Korea without picturing this. :(
At least his dad's gone, but its the same thing with Castro. When he dies, it ill go to his idiot old son. unless somebody gets there act together and goes all agent 47 on him.
Old dics teaching young dics how to be big dicks.
Lets hope this goes well!
One could hope, I suppose.
It is KGUs duty to humanity to stop his country from mind raping its people.
Agree no more A-o....pic on left needs BIG hat!
O No Hes Nuts and meaner than his nut case Dad
This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
Scary stuff. Kinda like making Bush pres' in the US. Scary stuff.
Kim I had fucked. Kim II was fucking. Kim III is flirting
his people are starving and this guy is overweight , that's just wrong
A humiliation for that Scout! I like the boy.
hey dis luks lik my frnd thot... m talkin abt d cartoon ;)
I would never thought about this.. This so funny..
They actually draw the little lunatic... :)
هر دم از این سطل زباله چهره زشت دیگری سر بدر میاورد.
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