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Another travel guide just for you!
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The "pocket twist", pure genius. 
"Have fun and don't die"... good advice. :)
The pocket twist is great, why I haven't I heard about that before!
i use my front pocket for my wallet. it fits better
I love your style, Ryan. I used to chat my way out of muggings and fights regularly in Albuquerque, and you're absolutely right about people. Almost NOBODY really wants the true drama, but almost nobody wants to back down. Just give an out!
This is really terrific. I'll be sure to learn more kids' games before next time I travel. :)
India vs Pakistan (a damn hot topic never touch it intentionally or unintentionally when you are in india, consequences can be severe) other topic is hindu vs muslim vs any other religion. Keep away from these topics, they could put you in real trouble and next day people might see you in news headlines either dead, arrested or beaten up badly.
oooh! The pocket twist! That's new and I like it! XDDD I think I'll start doing it, too. I may not travel outside my own city very often, but pickpockets and wallets/cash/phones wanting freedom are universal. :p

Thanks for the tips! <3
Yes, everyone who commented on the individual photos about it, the pocket twist is done with the front pocket. Never understood why people use the back pocket for wallets. Uncomfortable, and easy to steal!
Ryan, you're my hero. Haven't told anyone that yet today, but today, you're my hero.
Another tip when you're in a shady area: always look like you know exactly where you're going, and act like you have to be there soon. Looking like you need help, or like you're just wandering around, even if you do need help or are just wandering around, makes you stand out.
Yohan K
Gonna laugh so hard when people do the pocket twist and the pocket rips off
Your point about muggers having a 'script' is an interesting one. Someone attempted to mug me recently (he didn't make any threats, just tried to grab my phone from my hand). I screamed and held onto the phone, and, since I wasn't an easy target like he expected (and because we were attracting attention), he took off.

Which, I suppose, leads to another "tip": if you're in trouble, try to attract attention/witnesses if you can.
I just tried to pocket twist, and I'm upset that mine don't... D= Time to get new pants!
Burn pants? I don't know if that's a good way to stay safe! D=
+Julie Miyamoto you might want to be wearing different pants at the time, or at least not be wearing the pants you're burning while you burn them.
I concur. I burned a shirt once while wearing it, as seen in a previous comic. Not a good idea.
I gotta tell my husband about the "pocket twist" - he has the same bad habit of losing wallets.

I'm in the same boat - I've lived in Lima for over 7 years, constantly hear how dangerous it is, yet I've never had a problem. I suppose part of it is luck, but part of it is also keeping your eyes open and your head clear.

The best advice I could give anyone traveling is DON'T GET DRUNK, unless you're with a group of people you know very, very well that will take care of you. Being drunk - even just a little - makes you a prime target for all kinds of bad guys, from pickpockets to skeezy taxi drivers.
This is simply awesome! Thank you for going past the standard "common sense" tips.
Nice and makes total sense with my experiences. Responding with violence is hardly, if at all, ever necessary.
+Louis Fung Dots is a game where you draw lines to conects dots and try to make boxes. (commenting here to keep the album organized)
+Julie Sydor says: If you're being followed, ask a couple if you can walk with them a little while. A single person will think you're the trouble maker, and a group of just guys might not believe you. If you find a heterosexual couple the guy will feel obligated to show his lady friend he can handle the situation and they'll escort you. A bit tricksy, I suppose.
Good one. Thanks.
Reminds me of one time someone was spoiling for a fight, and bragging about his martial arts skills. Oh, I said, what style? And we proceeded to have a discussion about different styles and their pros and cons. And after a minute of that, he's "lost his place in the script" so we parted on good terms.
Last time someone was spoiling for a fight with me was the time a guy tried to mug me in a parking lot at 3am. I walk with a cane, and I've been a fencer and rapier fighter for years. I disarmed him, then poked him in the solar plexus, making him sit down suddenly and heave in the gutter. Then I left. This was before I became disabled.

Tomorrow I get my "Cane-Fu" training package. I'm interested to see what it has in it that I don't already know.
Thank you for the wonderful tips. I'll try my very best not to die.
This was amazing, thanks for sharing! I laughed until I cried
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