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All this week I will be continuing my super secret series of humorous interactions with clients in a series of limited posts.

If you are a freelance artist, and want to be added to my secret circle, tell me a client story of your own in the comments! (or privately, it it’s secret)
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it is what??
Once upon a time, I went to a technical school to study helicopter maintenance. The school had an awesome turbine engines instructor. The next 7-8 years I tightened bolts on helicopters. 20 years later, I'd not touched a helicopter for years and am now a freelance artist. One of my current regular clients is that helicopter turbine engines instructor who's become a self-published science fiction author.

(Huh! I just checked there's a gallery of my covers on his website's front page:
Oh god I haven't freelanced in a decade! Add me anyway! I beg you!
+C. Spike Trotman You've been in since the beginning! See my recent post, and links to all the old ones are in the comments. (same goes for you guys that I just added. Go to my profile and look for the surfing drawing if you wanna read old stories.)
Ehhhhn, not really? just for a very few selected folks. :D
I am a freelance artist/writer and poet.... :)
I had someone try to hire me to do lettering and pay me with exposure. When I informed him that my bank won't let me deposit exposure he called me "unprofessional". Actually I believe it was harsher than that.

But, sure, I'd love to be in a secret circle of super sacred secrets.
Nothing like some good rude batch of criticism first thing in the morning.

I am a woman working at an automotive dealership. I currently work at a desk that much like a hub for the dealership. Today I am wearing a conservative dress with shorter sleeves. My right arm is covered in tattoos. I have almost completed my whole sleeve. It is filled with beautiful bright bold colours and items such as hearts, butterflies and candies.
The first customer that I speak with this morning, an older gentlemen, says to me..."someone such as yourself should not be working in a place like this." and that "maybe I would belong better in a place down town".

I replied to this gentlemen, that "I am very happy with the decisions that I have made and that I wouldn't change any of them.".

I then told him to have a wonderful day and hoped that he enjoyed the sun.

Good morning :)
Recently, while administering a resident satisfaction survey at a senior residence, a woman age 86, asked me to paint a portrait of her. she also said that she had always wanted one done. Next day she had forgotten all about it. I do plan to do a few sketches of her in couple of weeks. Let's hope she agrees.
Thanks for the stories, everybody! I’ve added you in the secret circle! If you’re in, you should be able to open any of these links to my stories:

“I don’t need the comic, just a print of it":

“you ruined my wedding":

“You now have the chance to collaborate with one of the most gifted artists of all time":

“I’m looking for someone more advanced":

“Just draw him oriental":

“I lost part of my soul that day":

“You can use a fake name if you want":

“That’s steep, bro.":
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