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To celebrate that my last one has more than 10 million results on Google, and has been seen by more people than The Avengers, I made a new edumacational comic just for you!
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As usual, freaking brilliant. Thanks for sharing your passions Ryan.
I changed the name at the last minute to have a more exciting title. Originally it was just called ‘Korean Problem Solving’. That was a boring name, but I may have gone too overdramatic on the new one?
Nah, the name is right. It works.
The name is just right, gets more attention easily.
l am Korean. It' real in Korea.
Every Nation has it's culture. Setiap Negara memiliki karakteristik yang berbeda
+paulino primeiro You're right, asking me what it is is surely the best way to found out what it is. Looking at it is far too difficult.
This really makes me want to visit Korea. Some of the things listed are so simple it baffles me when I realize we could have been using these same methods. Thanks for taking the time to create/share this.
Many Koreans always think about best way. New RFID base food garbage correction system already started in some city of Korea. Thank you for interesting comics!
People normally do the wrong things because they are easier than the right ones. The concept to make doing the right thing EASIER than the wrong thing with simple solutions is quite wonderful. Needs to be replicated worldwide.
dear don't waste time & energy both to solve world problem !
+Leszek Szczepański +Sasa Vignjevic Amen to that, my slavic brothers. And by the way here in Bulgaria we are the true magicians at breaking the rules. Poland and Croatia have noting to complain about compared to us :)
So bad to read that long.. i am too lazy
uhhh... i can not read it read it really... i am poor in english
gambar apa thu??? Jelek banget deh.
interesting... wish php adopts these ideas...
I call it "The path of least resistance," it's basically the solution to any problem, use your wit and intellect to win, a real world example: Teenager leaving his smelly, filthy sneakers in an inconvenient and dangerous place? Simply gather and fling the 2 sneakers in opposite directions in the garage after appropriate warnings go unheeded. Repeat. It soon sinks in that compliance is easier than defiance! ;-)
Very well put together. Kind of makes us feel like idiots huh?
Hello Srijeesha............................
In fact, in parts of Daegu there is often some trash in the street, but still the trash sorting and recycling support is very well done.
we should never ever bothad about someone live our own enjoyment life that's it
btw, the idea of "rewarding right behavior" instead of "punishing wrong behavior" is a brilliant one, and some role-playing games come to my mind that do this ^^
Fantastic post and what genius ideas! The towel one reminded me of a scam I heard about years ago: off topics but funny: Someone set-up a fake website selling a sex aids that men would want like condoms, enlargers etc but never ship any products and would instead send a refund saying the item was out of stock, the refund would come in the form of a cheque from a sister company called something like "Big gay butt toys Inc" so not wanting this to come up on their credit card statement people rarely cashed the refund. Naughty but clever :)
The real trick would be to make it easier to dispose of things legally rather than dumping. Doing that without punishment is something special. I would also argue that all of these incentives are based on punishment. For example it costs more to throw away more. Great idea I think it would have limited success in the states though. People already chuck their trash to the side of the road rather than pay to have it disposed of. Maybe if the first small bag were free weekly this tendancy could be reduced. Thanks for posting, it was thought provoking.
Nice job Ryan, being responsible is so easy.
bagus sekLIEEEE...
Shani N
Really cool, nice presentation of ideas and very true about s.Korea. Thanks for sharing. (^^)
this is reall cool i need to repost for my friend michael
+Keenan Hanson Because of the population density, it’s very hard to dump illegally and not get caught.
I wouldn't say it's the cleanest. Because they have to charge for each bag of garbage they have no public trashcans so people throw things on the ground all the time instead of holding onto it until they reach a trash.
It's sad though...people only do what's easy for themselves, not because it's the right thing.
This is an increasing issue in the US (and in some other "first world" countries), as more folks claim "personal freedom" and "right to choose" as an excuse to do whatever they want, regardless of it's impact. There's a reason we used to be so productive, get so much accomplished, and got ahead in the world. It's about being a unified nation of thought, a society willing to cooperate. Not in everything, but in key issues which impact everything. The greedy and the lazy both undermine that, and both blame the others.
Koreans, always trying to solve everything with Kimchi... then again, I don't have a problem with that.
lol Jon, freedom is the problem... yes we live in the age of too many freedoms, too many rights, and we aren't collective hive enough... because this was what made America great...
i will die is i read this...
oooo oooo ooouhhhhhh
Nice face aftreall
smfh I don't give a shit get it the f off my page.stop trying to get me to subscibe to this simplistic crap!!! smh maybe you got all the f'n views because they are forcing this shit down our throuts!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your edumacational comics are fast becoming my favorite thing. It's like if Scott McCloud thought about stuff other than that sequential art thing he's always going on about.
+Troy Bagley What? I didn’t force this on you... Did it show up on ‘what’s hot” or something?
i like educational comics they are fun because you can get more fun out of them than you can get out of comics that adults like
On the other hand, it hints at so many things wrong... Having elderly people not get enough to have to collect recyclable? Throwing away working stuff? What about the broken ones? Who takes care of the trespassers that don't use the blue bags? Got enough policemen to watch every street? All in all, it makes Korea sound like a dictatorship with no retirement plans more than a recycling paradise...
I love these comics so much. Hopefully they won't end for a while (:
Great comment Eric, sometimes I just don't know what these people are trying to prove or where they are coming from great comment!
Obviously Korea has also found a way to minimize government corruption as well because this is the primary impediment to these kinds of solutions elsewhere. I'd like to hear about that.
+Eric Grange Not police on every street, but hundreds of neighbors and apartment security guards who’ll give you guff if you dump trash!
Brilliant solution! I wish they try it in Singapore.
Put sianide in the water teenage oregnancy solved! Not only are the people being told what is best for them via government policy but they are being forced to via regulation...
Amusing and great problem solving all at once. I wonder if I tried this in my home how far we would get? We already recycle EVERYTHING. What is amazing is how much we waste as Americans. My garbage has been reduced to 1 bag every 6-7 days, but the recycle is 1-2 bags A DAY mostly from food packaging!
So, when Waldo's not hiding, he takes off the goofy hat and sweater and studies garbage collection in Korea.
Strange how the cartoon is title includes "all the worlds problems" and yet only addresses two, the towel theft, and garbage. If those are only two problems your world have, then good for you.
There is sth we all have to attempt to understand:
Is there any problem?
Great! That is because they are discipline:-)
Isn't it an Utopia? Try to do this in Puerto Rico and I bet you the people will end with an island full of garbage and ready to be transfer to Korea or China... Yes, I'm very optimistic about my country!
+Ryan Estrada Perhaps if you made the right thing to do the easiest thing to do, you wouldn't have people like +paulino primeiro asking you what this is. cough Flash video cough. Yet instead, you try to guilt them into reading it with your snide sarcasm. Just saying
You, sir, should make an animated cartoon out of this.
Frank M
He said "Make the right way the easy way". Just apply that to all the problems, and you have a solution :)
+Dawn Brumbaugh Yes, it is overdramatic. But I am using Korean garbage as an example/metaphor for other problems. For example, piracy. Content providers combat piracy by putting DRM on their products, making the legal version more difficult to use, and the pirated version easier. If they focused on making their legal product easier to get and use, people would pirate much less.
These are simple concepts for which no one pushes. If everyone in the US did their part, we would have the potential to be as clean and environmentally conscientious as the Koreans.
So your idea is to raise taxes and government imposed fees on things we do until it becomes prohibitively expensive to live in a manner other than how Korea deals with their issues? I don't like the tax them until they cave approach.
Korea’s approach to piracy: Instead of those guilt-inducing “you wouldn’t steal a car” ads, they have super happy and friendly ads congratulating you on being a good downloader and thanking you for paying to see the movie. (not a solution, just an adorable ad that I like)
UMM, not sure about that...after all "It's all about the money" isn't it.
Josh N
... And the added benefit of getting the elderly involved in the community and exercising :D
Very nice, I had the choice between Korea and Singapore for vacation, I chose Singapore, maybe I did the wrong choice I'll plan it for a next trip !
If only doing right was that easy.. People's egos get in the way usually.
Unfair situation dark out all the time but still pay for it mandatory what a nation.God we need your mercy
That's cool, and WE NEED GOD'S MERCY!!!!!
Two good solutions. I wish Indian cities would adopt the garbage solution.
To me it sounds as if its just avoiding the problem
I completely do not get your thing here. The punch-line, sure, but to me that's nothing more than 'think out of the box' and that's old. You should travel more, in Malmoe, Sweden, w have bags for 'recycling' food that goes to biogas-generation. If you really have something to say, you would not need the comic typeface... Sorry man mint that's how your work makes me feel.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
+Ryan Estrada thank you for caring enough to create a whole comic. This is a good philosophy. Forget the troglodyte haters.
Saya membahas pos ini bersama 1 orang di hangout.
how did korea solve the problem of kids dying of malnutrition while playing computer games?
nice solutions honestly all of them. true and sweet and interesting
I didn't impressed to much, actually neither I learned to read Korean :)
it is not a possible plz,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I really, really dislike that you don't let me get to my site when I want to. I don't know how to get out of the loop I'm in. I am not a computer person and for you to just decided that you want to do some advertising and not let me get to my account is extremely frustrating. I am a very private person and don't want my site "out there".
Jiwa dan hati yg tenang lah yg bisa mengiklakan kita untuk memakai kerudung
every thing should be solve for me past and future
Seen by more people than the Avengers..."lol" #CookTheBooks
+Ryan Estrada That would mean the average cinema ticket is now $20 based on the opening sales alone...
and you even put your name on it this time, too! =D
+Gareth Young The number I gave was not the number of people who have seen my comic. It was merely the number of times my comic has been mentioned or discussed on Google indexed pages. It has been seen a lot more than that.
the hardest part to solve all the world's problems is to educate the society to take responsibility and care about our world
Ok, now quick! Solve the US-Mexico illegal immigration problem!

"Just make it easier to be a legitimate citizen" - The US can't handle an endless stream of immigrants who may not even have a plan for working.

What then? Make it easier to stay in Mexico?

Also, who decides what a "problem" is? And the "right thing"? The people with the most power? Is that really going to solve all the world's problems?
Excellent post. I believe that if the same principles would be applied to politicians (make it in their best interest to be above board, honest and to keep the public's best interest in mind) it would indeed solve a great many world's problems. Shifting motivation is great unles you through unlimited greed into the equation. Whenever there is a shortcut to make more money/power at any one else's expense all the best ideas in the world will fall flat.
Some excellent solutions. We are partially there in Australia but we still need to tie costs more directly to the waste itself - they are largely covered by a blanket council rate so there is no incentive to do it right.
+Ryan Estrada Thank you for this post. I had been meaning to do a post on the extensive recycling system in the high-rise apartments in Seoul, and this was a perfect opportunity.
no se quien eres asin que no me mandes mas correos de estos vale o no vale y POR FAVOR SOY ESPAÑOLA ASIN QUE LAS COSAS EN ESPAÑOL VALE TONTO DEL CULO
if our prophet Mohamed still with us he will solve all world problems in cup of tea
I can't see the words so I really don't know what the comic says.
liked and it's good to know we can be crazy at times and enjoy!
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