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Ryan Duffy
Husband, Father, Poet, Geocacher, and lover of Tech
Husband, Father, Poet, Geocacher, and lover of Tech

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Thanks to a local blogger who shares his cutting-the-cord solutions I found about this awesome app called Infuse.

I've been looking for different solutions for watching files from my NAS on my iPad or iPhone and an easy way to take files with me on the iPad (ie vacations).

I had been using the Movie Remote Kids app. It allows you to control playback on one iDevice while watching it on another. The major drawback being that you need to load the files onto the app through iTunes while it's connected to your computer. It also has limited file types.

Now that my daughter is older I'm just going to use the Infuse app. I can download & stream files directly from my NAS (or any other device on my network for that matter). Plus, the full paid app can play tons of different file extensions.

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Discover this trackable birthday cake and share it across the world. #Geocaching #GoGeocaching

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Absolutely beautiful! And the view of Calgary wasn't bad either.

I'm running OpenELEC on a RaspberryPi B+ w a class 10 8 GB microSD card. It's wired to my router which also has a RedayNas 201 on it.

I'm planning to setup a HDHomeRun Extend. How do I use TVHeadEnd to PVR OTA TV to my ReadyNas?

Techy Friends I need your help:

Is there a native Windows 7 tool/DOS command/or utility that would let me write the current file location into BLOB type properties field?

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Dear +Dave DeBaeremaeker

You, my friend, are a PUNK! I finally decided to start reading your novel. I was able to read through all of it this morning while doing other stuff at work.

I loved the beginning. it felt very much like Douglas Adams and then the Ranger encounter later on felt very Scooby Doo-ish. I especially like how you put parts of yourself into various characters. I think my favourite Easter Egg was the names of the two main characters. to which I only two words for you:
Dude... Excellent!!!

Everything was going great until I reached the end of Chapter 9 to notice.... DOH!! He hasn't finished posting all the chapters yet!

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So I got my wife, daughter, and muggle family friends (The Evangelista's) to agree to go on the car rally.

I'd been on a car rally as a kid so I was interested to go on one with a geocaching twist.

We had a great start and were getting most of the clues. We had to double back for the first cache (no stickers, just a logbook) which threw off our odometer count.

When we finally made it through the hoard of cyclists we took some wrong turns. And even after opening the emergency map we were still lost because the police wouldn't double back through the cyclists.

So with two 4-yr-old kids in tow who were losing patience we decided to call it quits. We skipped ahead to the 1st Checkpoint, checked out of the race, and let the kids have fun running in the park.

The great news is that the rally was so well organized that we can do a bit each weekend over the next few months.

Thanks for the fun & the smiley!

I have a table (LINKS) where I want to create new records based upon old records. But some of the fields I want to change.

So from LINKS I want to auto populate with ENT_ID_1, ENT_TYP_1, ENT_TYP_2, but I want to make ENT_ID_2=185, and UPDATE_WHO=177 based upon WHERE ID in (1, 5, 12).

I know I can do the query below. But where do I fit my UPDATE_WHO & ENT_ID_2 fields in?

FROM Links
WHERE ID in (1, 5, 12

So I'm making a cache that will basically be a pull down blind that goes back up into a PVC pipe suspended by a pressure rod (like in your shower) between the front and back of a road sign (with permission). The idea is that it will just be a giant logbook. What size would you give it: Regular or Other?
#Geocache #Geocaching #GoGeocaching
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