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Ryan Dinelle
"Whether I should succeed, or fail spectacularly, it shall be by no hand but my own."
"Whether I should succeed, or fail spectacularly, it shall be by no hand but my own."

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Just got a message from a client concerned about 6% and 7% keyword densities on their 1600+ word pages... Seriously..? There are still people out there who measure keyword density in 2014? ...Why? Just write your content and use your keywords naturally as it makes good logical sense to do so! Don't obsess over densities. It's a waste of damn time! ...Or is it that I am just wrong to assume that people are capable of logical reasoning? Well... my mistake, I suppose. I apologize for having more faith in humanity than I should have?

Your SEO projects... I want them! And I will wrestle a polar bear to get them! Seriously... It's been that cold out lately. Those big furry bastards are just roaming the streets!

But I digress! If you aren't working with me to improve your website's visibility, then you might as well just pack it in and cancel your hosting, because your just wasting money... Unless you have a money tree... In which case, I both envy and hate you just a little bit.

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Oh, Microsoft... Your "Scroogled" campaign against Google is just plain sad... Because you don't deliberately release software with bugs in it that force people to pay hundreds of dollars for new version after about a year at all, do you? Or ignore security vulnerabilities in your software for years. And you think that Google is screwing people? Seriously?

Get off the high horse, Microsoft. You are in no position to talk smack about anyone. You're just mad that Google is kicking your ass. 

Here is a thought... Spend your time and resources developing better software and services, instead of creating negative PR campaigns against your competitors.

Say... Do you smell that? Smells like desperation..!

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This is why I do what I do. #SEO  

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