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I see that the latest Play Services (7.3) now allows apps to retrieve the stored step count for the day from Google Fit via HistoryApi: readDailyTotal()

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30 days, 2 months, or actually neither as I had a trial last year? #googleplay

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My first paid for Watchface
Sensi Watch is now available for 99p

Relive the 90's on your watch with this tribute to Sensible Soccer.

★ Animated players who run off the pitch with the change of time
★ Weather effects based on your current location
★ Looks great on both round and square faces

This is our first watch face designed using WatchMaker, so we have left it unprotected to let you make any tweaks to your liking. However, please don't redistribute the .watch file you create.

I have a watchface which uses the image widget to create a sprite, and then the Image Selection field is set to one of the three frames, switching between them every 1/8th of a second.
It was all fine until I exported it as a protected watchface, then testing this file results in a large number of skipped frames. Other animations (moving objects based on the number of milliseconds) still appear to be at 50fps.
Anyone else come across this bug in their watches (I know my choice of animation isn't standard)? I've tested on at least two watches and have the same issue.

Is it possible to make the watch vibrate without a notification/screen? I'm thinking about trying to get my watch to buzz when I get a new email. At the moment with Gmail this is only possible if the phone vibrates as well, which results in my desk making a lot of noise during the day.

Is there a list of support HTML in AutoWear? I was hoping to change the text colour, but none of the methods I'd normally use don't appear to be working.

Just tried to use but it appears to not be supported. Would be useful for some custom date outputs.

Several features that I was looking for when playing on the weekend:

* Rotate objects on a set axis, not their centre point. This would allow me to move a circle around the face without have to trig the x/y myself. It would also allow for simple rectangle hands, which at the moment have two ends.

* Day of the week as a number to have a dial point in the correct direction (noticed that this arrived earlier as {ddw0} thanks :D)

* Dim colour for all objects. I see it's on text, but everywhere else please. Saves having two similar layers set for bright/dimmed.

* Remove effect, having played around with outline, it's now stuck. The only option I can find is to delete and rebuild.

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