G+ Tip: Rules of Ripple Club
a few rules I've discovered about Ripples so far... and a Real-time Ripple experiment

obligatory: Do not talk about Ripple Club (but actually do talk about it - this is key for the experiment!)
1.) Ripples are only for Public posts.
2.) Ripples for Public posts only exist going back to Aug 31 (as far as I can tell).
3.) In order for a post to have Ripples, it must have been re-shared publicly at least once.
4.) You can share a Ripples page by linking to it: (ex: +Robert Scoble post - https://plus.google.com/ripples/details?activityid=HS7L4gtGf2j)
5.) The Ripples function is in your dropdown menu - is it not there? See #3


Think we can see Ripples happen in real time? Here's what I'd like us to try:

- Reshare this post (publicly)
- Open up the Ripples for this post in a separate window - and then reshare the post (it's a useful post anyhow).
- Watch to see if we can see the bubbles pop up as they are being reshared!
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