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D'awww, Hurricane people!
seen in Hoboken, NJ

Please reshare , maybe we can reach some people who are out there and they can do the same in their community.

PS: Just to clarify, this is not something I did for people, I'm not even the one who took the picture. I hope you are all enjoying the sense of unity and kindness emanating from such a 'small' deed.
h/t +Maddie Grant (from posting this on your FB)
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That's so awesome!  Thanks Ryan this actually made my day.   :)
Awwwww. Very kind owner!
You know what's nice? I have heard surprisingly little about people taking advantage of others amidst this crisis in the affected areas. Let's hope it stays that way.
Who ever did this is an awesome person. Because the schools won't let us charge anything.
If people in NJ are like that, I would rather live there without power than stay here in our country with power.
this is awesome i would totally do something like this.
i've actually got a small solar panel and a small battery bank so i could help a little bit. we are so addicted to devices these days
Sammie, i think it is more or less to communicate with love ones, i think thats more or less the thought. :)
Mai Lee
Thanks guys, you're helping lots.
People can be so caring for others when it matters the most
service to the humanity is the tax we pay for living on earth. Being responsible humans, we must pay this tax. This example is too good and there are so many others ways to help/support people around you if you really start observing who needs your help :)
Man, their electric bill will go through the roof. Nice gesture though.
lmao that is so funny haveing to do somthing like that but so crazy tho
they are kind . . . They get it. . .  that is what is all about. to share.
That's community relations...Love the support
It is always wonderful to see how the U.S.A. comes together in emergencies. I am so glad I was born in the U.S.
Amazing; wish more people were like this. 
Nice of them to provide people with not only power but a chance to socialise for an hour with other phone-charging folk.
Social solidarity in times of trauma. Nice. 
there still are good people out there that think about others wish the best for them
NOW  that is nice to be so considerate to other people that is way cool  hope in the mist of despair
Wow we need more people like that in the world. very sweet very considerate
that's so sweet..can't even imagine!!!
Did they have Wifi as well?
Mon Da
cool idea and funny
im helping out in hoeboken this weekend anyone there im absoultly teribly sorry for you stay safe stay out of roads!STAY SAFE! +Angela Nguyen stay safe!
That is soooo cool.
pam goy
omg!! this is amazing!
I would love to find the people that did that and say thank you
too bad there is soo many apples and not very many androids charging
...and no one will tell me that there are no good people in this world!
omg. these people are awesome. <3
4 sex talk jointttttttttt
This is awesome way to be a great person whom ever lives here
A little kindness goes a long way ...
thats a very nice thing to do.
At least we have some good people in the world! :)
Kind helping people do not come in abundance unfortunatly
Olga P.
That is great! :) Very nice people!
That is really generous to do!
omg tha would be awesome 
How wonderful, my daughter is in Hoboken also without power.  I am going to send this to her.  Thank you for sharing it.
That is so nice. Good people. 
That is very kind of them. Many of the people would be greedy and not do this. It is good to know there are people like this out there.
If people would share there lové, like that power strip, there would be more unity, my heart goes out to all. those who suffer.Sandy's rage....... :(
That's generosity and doing a small but Grand service! Wow... This picture tells many stories... Sending my prayers of restoration! 
That is such a beautiful side of humanity.
that is a great idea share and share alike xx 
that is one of the coolest things I've seen
Donald Trump should donate 5 mill to each SArmy Red Cross Queens Hoboken
It's the simple things which restore my faith in humanity.
This is amazing ;) i wish people in my neighborhood did that..
God is smiling. Ur an Angel
its the littleist things that make a big difference
This is just what makes us as a nation, so wonderful!!
Very cool!  Always good to have a reminder that there are good people out there!
That is an awfully nice, bless you! the American spirit at work!
Sonia T
Awesome! Warms our heart to know that people are good!
Wait, this is not possible. Where is the government bureaucrat to ensure everyone receives equal amounts of charging? To ensure government-defined rich people give up a portion of their power to the government-defined poor. We cannot have citizens just providing their power to other citizens. That might just lead to freedom.
Thank-you for sharing!  What a wonderful gesture !
That is sooo sweet of you!!! Bless you!!
Bintu D
jaelynn perkins you have an ugly gesture they were being nice
Best small gesture of kindness today, many thanks,I will pay it forward !!
Everyone comes together in a crisis, I only hope we can be kind and generous in our everyday life
disasters can often bring out the best many. I've seen so much of this in the past few days. Coolness ♥
Gabby G
That's so nice
People like this remind us of how strong we are as a Country! 
<3 fills my heart with joy! and i was ALMOST one of them. our lights flickered on and off for like ten mintues which scared the crap out of me but since i live in MA not NJ we are very lucky here but im still praying for those in NJ
That is very nice, some people can be amazing!!
How nice! I have helped somewhat like this when we have had disasters in OK. Glad to see there are still good people elsewhere. 
lol i seen this on the news its preety bad up there
What a totally awesome way to help others!!!  Ryan, you're a hero!!
My prayers are with everyone that was caught n Hurricane Sandy. God Bless everyone. And, all the furry ones... too.
Hope everyone is okay!
A very kind gesture. Natural disasters like this are when we really all need to pull together and help each other! Great to see!
That is cool and really helpful. Thanx to whoever did that.
Hey at least their nice enough to share their electricity with others. I say job well done
I had to come back  after reading most of the posts, that I found the surprise most people exhibited by the niceness of these folks was quite surprising to me. For the most part I have found people to be kind in times like these. I have been in a noreaster and a couple of bad hurricanes  and people have always been generally good and helpful to others, when they can. 
some peeps dont even got phone betches kidding
This is so heart warming and uplifting to see. I'm glad that in these crazy times, in this crazy world that there are still decent, good, kind people out there. Great post...hope you don't mind if I pass it along :)
+Maurya Petrick its not a addiction its so they can get in touch with their family and loved ones to see if the okay
This is awesome! Best wishes from Brazil.
What a good neighbor!  If only everyone was like this.
haha we only lost power for like 5 hours...................during the night
+sona kumar what are you talking about
+Lauryn Gonsalves im with ya there
This is what it's all about!  I saw this on the news and thought what a thoughtful thing to do!! 
Lol That person is being more than the best in both worlds funny,generous and sweet!! Praise The Lord for people like this these days..
Leo T
Where's the Tip Jar?
when the going gets tuff the tuff share
Together The People Become Powerful and Stronger.  Achieving Almost The Impossible Goals For One Person Alone.
omg.       That's all I need to say. period
What's really sad is that it takes a major natural or man made disaster for people to come together in this world. The world is full of wars but bring a meteor into the picture and you'll see how fast we'll come together..... 
learn how to live without phones 
Such a blessing to have awesome beings like that in the world!
wow never thought tht peeps woud do tht
I'm thinking about doing a drive in my neighborhood for the people who got hit by the storm
Ryan, the way of The Lord is good. I believe that he's going to bless you for what you're doing for others. I pray that you are an example to others to do whats good and perfect in God's sight. I'm in West Texas but I want to encourage everyone who is going through this storm, by letting you know that I'm praying for all of you and remember "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Mather 21:22. The Lord God that I serve has never felled me yet. Just keep believing and hoping in God. His ways are not our ways, for as a people we would like for this to never have happen.


Its so wonderful to see things like this, this country has been so polarized by political crap for so long.  And here comes a tragedy to bring a country together.  My question is...why do we have to wait for the bad to happen in order for us to get the good?  Why can't we be unified all the time?
Wow, that's fucking awesome! Nice to know There are some good people still out there.
look at all the iphone chargers!!!!
Then when people turn around, you draw up the cord into your window. I call it phone fishing and it is very profitable.
My company has partners in NJ, now I know how we've been able to reach them, there all standing on the street in front of some really generous persons house with there phone plugged in!!!!!!!!
So glad there is still good people in the world...God Bless You!!!
wow i can't belive that hurricane sandy did all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just to clear it up, I did not do this for anyone - I live in Missouri, I didn't even take the picture. buuuut it's pretty cool, yeah? We just have to let others know that little things mean something much bigger. Thank you all for spreading the word with your Shares and +1's. 
Sarfraz Ali, Its people like you we don't need.
Here are people doing something nice and all you
Think about is stealing and reselling all of
The cell phones hooked up. I hope I'm not reading
That the way it sounds. You are why this world
Stinks and will forever as long as people like
You are in it. Shame on YOU!!!!!!!!
That is awesome how people share.  Great example to show our kids that some people have a great heart.
wow id love to b there whenever were in town my phone dies!!!!!! thats super nice id hate to have someone steal that frm me!!!
God bless those people who are kindhearted..
That is cool, nice to see decent human beings still out there
How sweet!  I feel like the only way people can do things like this in picture is through disasters.  It's through the disasters like Hurricane Sandy, that we become grateful for what we have, even if it's little. Thank you for whoever has the heart to put others before themselves.   Praise God!
Restores faith in humanity again. Thanks for sharing.
You see this everywhere in Africa
That is so thoughtful! I love it....
that is so true. but so nice that someone did that
The owner will be well rewarded for that, what a blessing.
Everyone has something to learn here this warms my cold heart from the world. (Who ever you are THANK YOU)
that can catch on fire with two extensions
This makes me want to cry
Aww how nice, especially from these storms happening 
oooh nice but i dont need to go there since i dont hav one :P
Nice to have faith in mankind restored once in a while 
I wonder if we've helped anyone else out with any ideas. It would be cool to see others adopting this practice. Wish there was a way to track :O
hope it doesnt get stolen :( that would b sad 
Priority number one: charge my iphone, angry birds is not finished
That is so nice of the people who live here
shows that earth is still a good place to live :D
Excellent Consciousness Revolution !
I hope there continue to be good spirited souls.... I'm glad at least a few ppl can reach there families. I haven't heard from a friend for a while that lives in that area so I'm sure they are most greatful. Thanks for sharing.
that is a nice thing to do for people but..........
dang everybody chargin they phone 
That is awesome I love people like that!!! They are so cool!!!!
thats so nice :') i feel grateful that there r nice people out there..
Won't that cause a power outidge
Thank God for a few kind people in this world! 
God bless a charitable soul
Whilst nature can be awesome and devastating, human nature can be caring and wonderful. Aren't some people kind?
Halo. I am happy to have you in correspondence. I will share what you told me to share with other people. May God bless you.
I hope I win the Powerball tonight. It is in my nature to give when I see a need. It is half a billion dollars but there are two other people in it. That still would give me millions to help the N.E.Coast here in the USA.
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