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G+ Tip: Want to connect? Use Hangouts to Share/Teach Your Skills

One day, I decided I wanted to learn Swedish...

The Backstory - skip down to the Tip if you're a tl;dr user
I was conversing with +Matz Särås - a Swedish follower - and we were discussing how we wished we spoke other languages. Matz had reshared one of my tips in Swedish to his Swedish speaking followers and I used Google Translate to thank him for sharing my post. I also told him that I have a little Swedish branch in my family tree (_I'm some sort of Nordic 'Viking' mix- shout out to my Dutch, Finnish and Norwegian roots_). Anyway, I told Matz I wish I spoke Swedish, and that I was learning Russian (I'm a MA student) and Spanish from my girlfriend. Matz related back to me that he wanted to learn those languages.

We've been trying to find innovative uses for all of G+'s features including Hangouts. As you've seen if you've followed me for longer than a day is that I encourage a G+ environment of community, collaboration and education. I've already been in Hangout watching +Chad Kovac do a live tattooing from his parlour and +Sarah Hill broadcasting live from the KOMU newsroom. I've been asked to give G+Tips in Hangouts and discuss future uses for G+...

Here's the tip:

Everybody's good at something... find out what you're good at and figure out how to teach other people how to do it... there is a niche for everyone! Can you knit? Schedule a Knitting Lesson Hangout. Want to learn Swedish? Find someone who'll dedicate 30 minutes every Thursday to teach you some cool stuff (maybe more often). Don't wanna teach, that's cool too - but sometimes all you have to do is make a suggestion... there are plenty of sites now that show when Hangouts are occurring - so, go forth! Make it happen. Announce it to your Followers. Allow people to sign up. There are a ton of ways you can make this work for you and ways you can make it work for others.

Gonna get paid for this stuff? Eh, probably not. However, it'll give you a chance to connect and maybe even have a good time.

So... anyone want to practice Russian with me?
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We need the ability to share screens........... PLEASE GOOGLE LISTEN! Lol. Imagine product demos and tutorials, employee training, collaborative design, through hangouts.
I'm posting one Swedish sentence a day on G+ in my bid to learn the language... (along with one French sentence) but not quite up to Russian yet.
+Andrij Harasewych There are multiple apps that will make your desktop available as a webcam device. For Linux, I use WebcamStudio. You do not want websites to have the ability to see your screen natively.
Great idea. I think when all is said and done and the history books of the future write about Google+, the advent of Hangouts may be seen as its greatest leap forward in social networking. Skype is wonderful, and still serves its purpose, but never before have I had access to millions of new people with whom I can video chat. It's amazing!

I've already set up a Hangout for tomorrow just to meet new people, and can't wait to see how it'll go.
Is there a way to search for a specific topic hangout without having to go through the stream? 
not, you only see hangouts of people in your circles, so at most, im sure you'll only have one or two hangouts open to you.
Well written and a really nice thought Ryan! (Bra skrivet och en verkligen fin tanke Ryan!)
Great ideas! I want to learn Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.
Yup, Spanish is on my list as well +Tina Shang , and have a lot of improving to do. Maybe someone who speaks well can post their thoughts on doing a Hangout, or even a bunch of us beginners can Hangout and share our limited knowledge.
Oh fantastic! I want to learn more than the alphabet in Russian (I know 31 of the letters!), and maybe some German. And Latvian. I can speak French, too!

I really, really love this idea -- way to start dreaming about big potential!
I would also love to learn Latin. I have found it most difficult language to find courses for Latin. Anyone out there read and write Latin?
I want in on the Spanish hangout! Circle me please so I can see it when it happens 
Oh and I want to learn kung-fu lol
I started doing this same thing a few days ago. Found a Russian guy looking to learn better English and willing to help me with my weak Russian. From there I had a cool Hangout and obtained about 25 more Russians. Got plenty to read now for sure!
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