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What if Dr. Seuss had written and drawn Star Wars?

Apparently this is a couple of years old but I bet it's going to be new to a few of you. Am I turning into your Stream's Star Wars nerd? I hope so.

Also- Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss
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Dr. Seuss wouldn't have released 31 different versions of the Trilogy, so the world would have been a better place.
Luke's use of the force grew three sizes that day.
One can never have too many Star Wars Nerds in his stream.
Can't wait to show this to hubby - thanks for sharing.
LOVE IT! merging my two favorite themes!
i bet if Dr Suess had written Star wars, it wouldnt have been a dissapointment
i bet if Dr Seuss had written Star Wars, it would have been a huge dissapointment
I wonder what the rest of the book looks like.
"...'wouldn't' have been a huge 'disappointment.'"

There. I fixed it for you.
haaha lol he would be even more famous and rich!1
I will not join you here or there,
I will not join you anywhere!
-Luke Skywalker
don't be mean about dr.seuss today is birthday so much that you don't care.
i do care im just saying that i would sooo read that
And with the darker side of the force in command,
That darthy old Vader cut off Luke's hand!

Oh no, oh no, please say it's not true!
You can't be my father, I'll never join you!
The coolness of this is very cool.
what if he was god and thats the way the world really was kinda like flowering mimosa tree heaven
If Theodor Geisel would have been in another space and time, we wouldn't be here.
This post was awesome, but the commentary by Michael Ruderman was pretty AMAZING!!! I'd Definately read a Dr. Seuss Star Wars book! It would be a collection for my future children!!! Someone should create it!!!
I'm going to go on a limb and say we should get Pratchett to Co-author or author .... may be the best book ever.....
yippie my father would love that
Here is one for SW:Ep4 Scene 38. Yes, I wrote it....anyone wanna revise/edit and do the art? =)

(The MF escapes Hoth)

From the battles they flew,
the heros did race.
Up, up, and away!
Let's escape into space!

Only to hear Chewie,
barking, "followed we are!"
It was a Star Destroyer
followed real close,
by four tiny tie fighters.

With all the battle clatter
and Han barking orders,
Chewie just barking
and Leia just whining.
Nobody listened to 3PO!
"Imminent warning!"

(Just like that Jar Jar,
3PO never stops chiming.)

Han, dodges and veered.
Flak and laser blasts near!
This story could go bad
for the crew of the Falcon.

But Han had a plan
in his head he was makin'!
Play a game of chicken!

Han flew into their path
Chewie checking on the shields.
A surprising plan indeed!
If only it works.

Imperial pilots flying the destroyers
must be in trouble when scuffing the hull.

"Take evasive action!", they yelled
and steered away fast.

The Millenium Falcon scared them off course!

On thing left to do, Han told Chewbacca.
"Hit the hyperspace button!"
As Leia watched,
the engines just sputtered.

"Now they will listen!
The Hyperdrive's busted,"
3PO cries out!

With the bad guys closing in,
Han saw his plan fail.
He could only mutter,
"I think we're in trouble."
The linked website includes a quote from Yoda which is almost directly from the movie.

And then there's, "Say you you will try? Try not say I. Do or do not, there is no 'try'."
That would have been pretty damn awesome. :) Love Star Wars and Dr. Seuss so a rhyming kid's version of Star Wars would be pretty winning to me.
The Emperor's name would have to change to Yertle.
yaaaaaaaa i dont really like star wars either lol
hahahahahaha lost of words r we lol
<voice="Seussian">You don't like Star Wars, or so you claim. To understand why shall now be my game.

Perhaps the FX which you expect drain from their forerunners all your respect?

Maybe the setting for you is a fail because there is no exchange of tail

Or maybe its just that you are to young to have been able to see 4 before 1
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. We are all a little weird and lifes a little weird. And when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours.... we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness, and call it "LOVE"!
Thank you Dr. Suess for having the same b-day as me. In elementary school, I got to wear pajamas every day on my birthday because of you ^_^
I expected at least one "Hop on Pop" joke.

"Luke, I am your Pop"
Nice. This made my morning!
BTW, what I wrote up there about 20+ minutes ago, those were Dr. Suess quotes.....follow me on Google plus and Twitter and, I will start posting a quote a day. Follow me and I will follow you... obviously we all have something in common. Have a Suessed day! o0;^{)
Dr. Seuss is dead... No more birthdays for him...
I <3 Star Wars where did u find that?
ha ha ha that is very very funny lol
o i love dr.suess
If he is here
I'll find him later!"
and he grumbled off,
that Darthly Vader.
Star wars could get better, but i am not sure.
That would be quite entertaining.
do u think he was high when he wrote those books?
I think I am your father Sam I Am.
says page 25. what book did this come out of?
I agree with the one of the previous posters, there are NEVER enough Star Wars people on the stream. Thank you for sharing. And May the FORCE guide and protect you, always ! ciao, Julien --a Member of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.
This is really funny! Dr. Seuss should have written Star Wars.
I love this! Very bright!
happy b day did u no is real name is Theodore..... weird right
oby 1 konoby has to rhyme with something
OMG HAHAHAHAH if Dr. Seuss wrote Star Wars that would be HALIAROUS !!!!!
I think dr seusus was more into okward characters that he made up!!
What if dr seuss wrote the honeymooners? Har har hardy har hat, that silly ol cat the moon!
O.M.G, I love it lolz
My four-year-old just said "Hey, that's pretty epic."
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