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The SG+ team is very lucky to have +Johnathan Chung . His exhaustive Google Plus guide is the most complete (and now, most organized) guide I've come across. Thanks also to +Christopher Watson and +Mike Miller for being the tech-heads who helped make it happen.
The Ultimate G+ Collection: A Treasure Trove of Google Plus Tips, Guides, & Resources

Here is an extensive database of Google+ resources that I put together for both newbies & power users. I'm sure there is something new to discover for everyone :)

The collection is large, so I decided to break it up into 11 sections and have it hosted on sociologyplus.com, a new website I contribute to about the sociology and culture of Google+, as well as other Google+ related events and information.

This collection is not meant to be all-inclusive (although it does contain a lot!) It is meant to be more of a reference or respository of G+ goodies and tidbits to browse through when needed, not something to read from start to finish.

What's in this collection?

For newer users of Google+, it may help to skim through Section 1 on "Getting Started" and pick several items from "Overview" to look through. The remainder of these resources can be referred to as needed after you become more comfortable with Google+. If you're already familiar with G+ and all the guides that have been shared, you may find Sections 6, 7, and 8 to be most useful.

SECTION 1: GETTING STARTED (http://goo.gl/syrqi)

"Quick Start" is composed of 1-2 page high-yield infographics containing the minimal technical information useful for the simplest of G+ experiences. This is for individuals who like the least amount of introduction and who like to learn as they go.

"Overview" contains G+ tips, personal recommendations, user experiences, and describes the overall G+ environment in a way that is more elaborate than “Quick Start” but less comprehensive than the full "Guides" section.

SECTION 2: GUIDES (http://goo.gl/GgidI)

"Beginner Guides" have step-by-step walkthroughs, descriptions, and advice for the most important basic features of G+ to maximize your experience quickly without getting too involved or potentially overwhelmed. This is a well-rounded introduction to G+.

"Comprehensive Guides" contain an enormous amount of dense information, some of it repeated within other detailed guides. If you are looking to learn the in's and out's of G+, read through these to pick up on everything from basic to advanced tips and tricks.

SECTION 3: CIRCLES (http://goo.gl/WGvnh)

Delves into circle management and maintenance. It is important to stay organized with circles because they determine how your information is presented in the Stream and how privacy (“who sees what”) is controlled.

SECTION 4: PHOTOS (http://goo.gl/sy2sS)

Items on uploading, sharing, organizing, and customizing pics.

SECTION 5: HANGOUTS (http://goo.gl/btUyc)

Many examples of creative uses of Hangouts and Hangout resources.

SECTION 6: FINDING PEOPLE (http://goo.gl/o1HA9)

Provides a list of sites for where and how to search for G+ users based on a variety of criteria and interests. Some of these sites are also useful for maintaining and sharing public circle lists and for viewing user statistics. "List Names" section is composed of aggregated lists of people found in particular G+ niches and communities.

SECTION 7: BLOGS & NEWS (http://goo.gl/0jQzW)

Provides general and comprehensive information focused on what's happening in Google+.

SECTION 8: EXTENSIONS, TOOLS, & APPS (http://goo.gl/1FyBK)

These tools are meant to enhance or modify the G+ user experience. Some browser extensions may stop working properly when Google makes updates and changes to G+. Please note: use of these extensions and services are "as is" and at your own discretion. Several extensions may ask for permission to access your browser activity and G+ profile.

SECTION 9: PRIVACY (http://goo.gl/NSPGY)

Provides resources to maintain privacy and security on G+.


Ways to provide constructive criticism to Google for improving G+.

SECTION 11: GRAPHICS & ICONS (http://goo.gl/Gi3Cb)

Contains Google Plus-related fan art, graphics, icons, and desktop wallpaper.
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