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Unboxing the First Appearance of Spider-Man

This makes me cringe so so so hard. SO hard. This is Amazing Fantasy 15, the first appearance of Spider-Man. This guy has a CGC graded copy, unrestored, looks like a 2.5-4 grade.... and he is uh... taking it out. We're talking about a $10,000+ comic. But there is a cool surprise inside... I don't think it's worth cracking the comic open.

#nerd #comics #spiderman #marvelcomics #stanlee #unboxing

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Unboxing Videos, as seen from a 2014 time-traveler

Well, you know, written in 2014. I did learn a fun stat, Unboxing has really been kicking around YouTube since 2010, and in 2014 -- it had seen a 871% increase in clips! I wonder what it would be now...

Other fun fact: In 2013, 2,370 days or 6.5 years worth of Unboxing footage was uploaded to the site.


#unboxing #stats #socialmedia #youtubers

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Tokyo Treat Unboxing

Ok, so, another thing I didn't know existed. Tokyo snacks? But anyway - two words here: edible. facemask.

By the way, these two kids have 100k+ subs on YouTube. Cray. +TwiistedPandora

#unboxing #snacks #candy #tokyo

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Official Stan Lee Box #2 Unboxing

I didn't even know this was a thing, but it's one of the biggest boxes I've seen (in terms of unboxing, doesn't come close to my arcade machine box)! +Guru Media Productions takes a deep dive. Also, they have one of the best nerd rooms I've ever seen. Look at the LEDs!

#geek #nerd #unboxing #stanlee #marvel

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Unboxing R2-D2!!!

This is awesome - +Sideshow Collectibles unboxes a life-size R2-D2 and puts it together. Awesome production value. Want one for yourself? This bad boy will set you back $7,500. Woof! Pretty steep for an R2 unit, right?

#unboxing #nerds #geeks #starwars #r2d2

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Google jumps into the content game for Play Music

Google has the resources to do some awesome stuff in the content game - excited to see what they come up with next. Hopefully something comic-booky. C'mon!

"The show, which is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway is a conversation between musical artists that explores the places, songs, and moments that influenced their lives, and their work."

Hey gang, just made my first collection - you've seen me posting - sorry if I crowd your stream, I'm trying to fill up my Collection with fun unboxing videos. Funboxing? Is that a thing? It is now. Funbox Worldwide.

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1up Box Unboxing - February

+JaWarlock opens up the Enemy themed 1up Box from Feb this year. Ja comments on the totally familiar feeling of getting a small box and being like "nah, this isn't great, this sub box is too small!"

Well, he ends up getting one of the best box shirts I've ever seen.

#nerd #geek #gamers #unboxing #1upbox

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$2,000 Lebron 10 Unboxing!

+Jacques Slade randomly found $2k+ shoes in his house. Well, we can't all be that lucky - but we can at least live vicariously through him. The mystery... well, I've ruined it with the title... but that's ok.

I've become a sneakerhead over the past couple of years and so I'm glad people actually do sneaker unboxes - because it's not the same as like iPhone unboxing or Loot Crate, etc.

I wouldn't buy these shoes, but I love watching Jacques Slade talk about them.

#sneakerhead #unboxing #lebron10 #mustbethehoney

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Guess Who's Back?

So, I'm giving G+ another shot after a long absence. Some of you won't care about that, probably. Well, most of you. Anyway - these Collections are new (to me!) and so I decided to start this one dedicated to one of my favorite guilty pleasures: unboxing videos! Feel free to follow if you want to see people Unbox things I'm into: comics, toys, books, music, games, etc. Nerd stuff, I guess.

#unboxing #nerds #geek #comics #books #gamers
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