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Tried to Institute a Friend Tax

Failed it.

#taxes   #friendship   #venmo   #funny  
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Na babaaaaaaa
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Ryan Crowe

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Imagine Hogwarts, Except the Students Are Assassins instead of Witches and Wizards
review of Deadly Class

For all of my fellow comic book nerds. The other tagline we use is Kill Bill meets Saved by the Bell. How can you not want to read that? I've also been lucky enough to snag a review from the artist of Deadly Class, Wes Craig. Being able to write about what I love and have the time for a passion project has been a blessing of sorts, so I hope you enjoy reading!

#comicbooks #imagecomics #deadlyclass   #rickremender   #wescraig    +Image Comics 
Deadly Class is Kill Bill meets Dazed and Confused meets Saved By The Bell. Did you hear that? Highly-trained, deadly teens attending an assassin high school get into wacky hi-jinks. But instead of...
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That's so f**** good
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Ryan Crowe

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Another interview I did with +Shing Yin Khor for Shortboxed. She discusses her journey into reading and creating comics, overcoming industry barriers, and finding a community in which she and others could support each others' efforts.

I love her fantastical creatures (specifically the Larm, and the Space Worm), which are done in a colorful, watercolor.

My favorite quote:
Shortboxed: Do you have any advice to minorities that are trying to get into comics, or are trying to get their children into comics?

SYK: Find what you love, because I promise you it is there. It might not be in a comic shop, but it’s there, and it is absolutely worth looking for.

#comics   #womenincomics   #comicbooks  
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Been there, done that, +Ryan Crowe ;)
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Ryan Crowe

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Oy, been away for quite some time trying to get used to new job (now, no longer new at +twilio ) and start up some passion projects of mine. Started a new comic book blog aimed at helping people who are trying to get into comics, but are overwhelmed by the massive amount of info on the average comic book website.

What has everyone else been up to? I see that, despite several media stories' naysaying, that the community is still alive and well around these parts. 

Have any passion projects you'd like to share?
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Skye Adelheid
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Ryan Crowe

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Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

Would have been 68 today.

#freddiemercury   #queen   #montserratcaballe  
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Welcom for you in m'y group
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Ryan Crowe

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Are You Really Building Trust with Social Media?
"You probably don't know how trust works."

Thanks to my wonderful +Social Media Hangout amigos, I was able to put into words what I haven't been able to put into words. My issue with the word 'trust' as it relates to building it via social media channels has been a long-standing thorn in my paw. Then, +David Amerland , was able to highlight that the issue isn't the concept of trust, it's the process that leads to attaining trust. Check out the post to see what I was able to learn.

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia   #marketingonline  
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Ryan Crowe

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Suicide Squad Character Guide - For Non-Geeks

Alright, big news this week as the Suicide Squad cast was made official. Instead of giving you analysis or opinions on what each actor is going to bring to the role, or how CrAzY the producers must be for X decision. We’re here to give you a multimedia study guide for the Suicide Squad giving you, you guessed it, just the facts. Hopefully this will allow you to form your own opinions on whether or not Hancock will make the best Deadshot.

#suicidesquad   #suicidesquadmovie  
Alright, big news this week as the Suicide Squad cast was made official. Instead of giving you analysis or opinions on what each actor is going to bring to the role, or how CrAzY the producers must...
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+Jason Ansaldo - I said the same thing. I wonder how they're going to work him in.
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Ryan Crowe

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We're experiencing a Nerdaissance

Man, it's a great time to be a nerd. Has anyone else been watching The Flash? I think that it would have been really easy to slip into a "get real gritty and dark" show... because, you know, it works for Arrow - and Nolan's Batmans have been banking on that for a decade. But The Flash gives you the lighthearted side of comics from the Scarlet Speedster

#TheFlash   #TheFlashcw   #nerdstuff   #comicbooks  
One of the awesome trends happening in pop culture entertainment the last few years is the influx of high-quality TV shows based on comic books. A combination of great screenwriters and comic book ...
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The Flash!! Like it
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Ryan Crowe

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The Internet Reacts to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thanks for the laughs fellow Internet denizens. 

#starwars   #forceawakens   #episodevii  
It's that time again, one of pop culture's most beloved franchises is making waves with a new movie and subtitle. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced today, and we've grabbed a diverse range...
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Ryan Crowe

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Why Doesn't Your Company Have a #SocialMedia  Voice Document?

People in your organization are going to be connected to social media somehow. It’s inevitable. You can either ban them from speaking on behalf of the company, or teach them that should they be in that position – that there is a right way.

I wrote this bad boy up after creating my magnum voice opus for my current company, there are a ton of resources out there - some I link to in the article. I wish more people would blog about their actual activities at their jobs more often. Hypothetical stuff just isn't interesting when you're looking for practical advice. 

People in your organization are going to be connected to social somehow. Teach them the right way to speak on the company's behalf.
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Ryan Crowe

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I got to interview Walden Wong for Shortboxed! Walden inked my favorite comic of all time, Superman: Red Son. is my current passion project, the comic blog I mentioned yesterday. Gives me an excuse to nerd out with comic book creators.

#comicbooks   #doctorstrange   #waldenwong  
Today we sit down with Walden Wong, a prolific and award-winning comic Inker, who has worked on a HUGE number of titles including: Batwoman, Justice League of America, Wolverine & the X-Men, an...
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Ryan Crowe

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Just in case you were looking for a new book to read.
The Biggest Compilation [640] Of Google Plus Tips Ever Shared Publicly!
This has been a really time consuming (curated) blog post, but at the end of the day -- it was worth it to create such a piece.

Each one of you whom I've mentioned below has made this massive list of Google Plus Tips possible. Without you -- this list would have never been created.

Sharing is caring!

After viewing the list of Google+ Tips -- Please help me to spread the word about this awesome (HUGE) list of Google+ Tips, by sharing it with your friends here on Google+!.

Some of you, well.. a lot of you will find your name as an author, of a shared post, within this share.

These Google Plus Tips met the requirements and quality standards of making this list. This list contains only the best Google+ Tips (shares) ever made publicly.

With the list being the size it is and the time I already have involved in it -- I couldn't justify pinging everyone. I hope that there will be some of you out there, who may help pinging others, whom I left out.

Note:  If some of the "short (pretty) links" aren't "linked" please use copy and paste for the time being. I'm manually linking them right now. I had assumed that they would automatically be linked up, but. Not sure wordpress does this though. :(

640 Google+ Tips:

Happy Monday Everyone! Have a great new week. 

A Respectful Ping to the Authors Whom Have Been Listed:

+martin shervington 
+David Amerland 
+Trey Ratcliff 
+Thomas Hawk 
+Thomas Morffew 
+Thomas Steiner 
+Tracy Raiteri 
+Up Your Plus  
+Virante Search Marketing 
+Visnja Zeljeznjak  
+Yifat Cohen  
+Steve Hall 
+Shamil Weerakoon 
+Steve Gill 
+Shira Gal 
+Shaden Mohamed 
+Sean Cowen 
+Scott Sowle 
+Sarah Rios 
+Sarah King 
+Saidur Hossain 
+Ryan Schultz 
+Ryan Crowe 
+Ronnie Bincer 
+Robert E. del Sol 
+Ricardo Nuno Silva 
+Rehan Ahmad 
+Ray Hiltz 
+Rasmus Gundorff Sæderup 
+Randy Resnick 
+Rahul Roy 
+PJ Rosenberg 
+Pierre Johnson 
+Peter Strempel 
+Peter G McDermott 
+Patrick Sharpe 
+nomad dimitri 
+Nic Johns 
+Moritz Tolxdorff 
+Mike Elgan 
+Mike Shaw 
+Mike Downes 
+Mike Crumpler 
+Mickey Mellen 
+Michelle Marie 
+Melody Lynn 
+Adam Simmons 
+Adarsh Vijay 
+Akasha Tsang 
+Alex Garcia 
+Al Jazeera English 
+Alida Brandenburg 
+Alister Macintyre 
+Amanda Blain 
+Anthony Fox 
+Anthony Russo 
+Billy Wilson 
+Carmelyne Thompson 
+Christina Trapolino 
+Clare Cosgrove 
+Creative Web Design 
+Colin Walker 
+Danial Hallock 
+Colby Brown 
+Claude Rieth 
+DeAno Jackson 
+Eli Fennell 
+Gabriel Vasile 
+Gideon Rosenblatt 
+Google Ads 
+Plus Your Business! 
+Jaana Nyström 
+Jarek Klimek 
+Jacob Bodnar 
+Jari Huomo 
+Jay patel 
+Jens Graikowski 
+Jesse Wojdylo 
+Johan Horak 
+Johnathan Chung 
+Louis Gray 
+Luis Galarza 
+Leah Davies 
+Lee Smallwood 
+Lynette Young 
+M Sinclair Stevens 
+Making Google Plus Work 
+Mark Traphagen 
+Margie Hearron 
+nomad dimitri 
+Patrick Sharpe 
+Mike Allton 

If I missed anyone, let me know. #GooglePlusTips   #640GooglePlusTips   #biglistofgoogleplustips   #searchsimplicity   #gregorysmith   #contentmarketing  
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Also +Patrick Jordan here's a compilation of free tools you will probably enjoy:
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Google+ User Experience Enthusiast and Social Media professional.
Google+ User Experience Enthusiast

Well hello, I'm Ryan Crowe <--this is my LinkedIn profile!

I'm a social media director at an ad agency in St. Louis, active social media blogger, and I also speak (and am available to speak) about social media at online conferences, and also offline conferences!

In addition to my ad agency work, I also am the Director of Social Strategy at LittleBigFund - and I sit on the Board of Directors!

You might enjoy following me if you enjoy conversation about social media, the St. Louis Cardinals, or random nerdy things. If you're wondering why so many people have me in their circles it's because I like to help people out using G+, and I started doing it pretty early! People like the help so much that this stuff happened:

  • Top 5 People to Follow on Google+ by Google+ users.
  • Best Google+ Users to Have Followed in 2011 by G+ users.
  • and added to Google's official Suggested User List (US)

While my public posts are usually about nerdy things like science, baseball, comics, music, or libraries - my activities on the Communities I manage are more representative of my professional interests, here are a select few - check 'em out!

Social Media Professionals (founded) - A nearly 10,000 strong community that has been lauded for its high quality engagement and active moderation team! The Community is dedicated to beneficial social media, and other digital media, conversation for and by professionals (or those who have professional interest in emerging tech for marketing).

Social Media Strategy (moderator) - This 36,000+ member community is the first social media Community on Google+ and the largest. There are more helpful posts than you can shake a stick at (and why would you be shaking sticks all willy nilly anyway?). This is the sister Community to Social Media Professionals.

The LittleBigSquad: Nonprofit activists (moderator) - This Community is dedicated to people looking to help out NPOs, especially LittleBigFund.

St. Louis Cardinals (founder) - As you might expect, this Community is dedicated to the Cards. Go Redbirds!

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (founder) - I'm a nut for online education - this is just one of the many study group courses in which I participate.

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I'm pretty convincing for a floating black and white head.
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  • University of Missouri–Columbia
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    Theatrical Performance, 2005 - 2007
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Rosh Hashanah: A Sweet Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is celebrated in 2013 from sundown on Sept. 4 to nightfall on Sept. 6. The Hebrew date for Rosh Hashanah

6 Ways to Get Your Employees Blogging

What I find is that I wear the coordinator hat, the co-author hat, the planning hat, the cheerleader... hat?, and finally the editor's hat.

3 Ways to Identify Influencers for Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

So, you’re about to kick off a Blogger Outreach campaign. If you have a blog and you haven’t planned to do blogger outreach – you need to st

Warner Bros. Fast-Tracks Man of Steel Sequel

Zack Snyder and David Goyer will return as director and writer, respectively Although Man of Steel doesn't even officially open until later

TrueSocialMetrics is a social media analytics tool.

Google's Channel - YouTube

Google's official YouTube channel.

Saturday Night Live: Jack White: Sixteen Saltines

Musical guest Jack White performs "Sixteen Saltines."

Can I Stream.It?: Search Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, and more, f...

Can I Stream.It? allows you to search Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, Amazon, Crackle, Redbox, XFINITY Streampix, HBO GO, Showtime, Blockb

A Googler (@google) on Twitter

Sign up for Twitter to follow A Googler (@google). News and updates from Google


Google+ makes sharing online more like sharing in real life.

NEW 'Man of Steel' Trailer!

As suspected, the Kryptonian countdown ended at 8:30pm tonight to unveil a brand new trailer for Man of Steel, meaning three minutes of new

All my +

Google+ Statistics &amp; more

9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

Can Google+ steal users from Facebook? Yep. There are good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+, ranging from ease-of-use to respect f

The Muppets

Disney's The Muppets is in theatres this Thanksgiving.

NCAA March Madness

The only official NCAA March Madness voice on Google+

A Many Colored Death by The Many Colored Death

The Many Colored Death | Rock | Columbia, MO

How Businesses Can Prepare for Google+ « Google+ Insider's Guide

How Businesses Can Prepare for Google+ |► 4 Images. WonderHowTo welcomes guest contributor, +Ryan Crowe - formerly the man behind GPlusTips.

Getting Started Using Social Media for Social Good: An Interview with Ry...

Nobody starts out an expert. Learn one man&#39;s journey getting started using social media for social good. I met Ryan Crowe a few months a

Nielsen: Social Media Report, Q3 2012

Social Media Report: Q3 2012 View As One PageView As Slideshow | Download as PDF · Contact Us To Learn More. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

Lucky Strike is pretty quality wherever you go. The SF branch has a great location, well done interior, and hosts a number of events and bowling leagues. If you don't like their bar food - you can go next door to McDonald's or the other place and eat at Amici's Pizza.
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While the service isn't the fastest, the live music and hip environment makes this place a Western Addition gem. The Ethiopian cuisine is delicious and the friendly wait staff will teach you how to eat this delicious food. The mood is great, the place is clean and it's a cool place to take out-of-towners.
Public - a year ago
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3 reviews
Settled near the end of the fun part of Wash Ave, after the lights - near the City Museum, the London Tea Room is a bit of unexpected fare as far as this part of the city goes. The restaurant is quaint, I suppose - the decor is not exciting - but it's quiet... there is kitsch randomly assorted... small tables. Clean. The food is delicious, though and the tea is wonderful. I usually get an apple and cheddar salad and the veggie sandwich. The grilled cheese (Fancy!) is also worth trying. The portions are small, though - so bring your non-American appetite!
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago