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RPG developer and writer

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Just uploaded the first preview of my sci-fi D&D adaptation: HYPERLANES!

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In celebration of my new Kickstarter campaign, I've just put all of my digital books on DriveThruRPG on sale for just a $1! This includes quite a few Numenera titles, as well as those for The Strange and Cypher System core.

If you like what you see, check out the Kickstarter for HYPERLANES.

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My new Kickstarter campaign is live! It's lightweight, fun rules for running sci-fi using D&D 5th edition.

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Havent seen this posted yet so here goes.

If you look at the giant "Controls the Black Cube" image that shows all the stuff in there, there's a space that appears to have hidden text. Here's a snip from the original, as well as my attempts to "enhance" the text.
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Here's pics from our seeking and finding of the second Ohio Cache at N39 41' 17.04", W83 57' 55.86", based on those coords at the bottom of the Forte explanation Kickstarter update.

It was a 3 hour drive each way and we left just after midnight. We got there so early that someone from the nearby Dollar Tree called the police on us. The Ohio authorities advised us that sneaking around behind a business just before they come in for the morning, while dressed all in black, might not be a good idea.

After about 4 hours we were pretty close to giving up when I found it, in the crotch of the tree that seemed to be what the coords were indicating. I'd missed it earlier because it had been so dark, but in the morning light I could see that someone had piled up a few branches over the spot and I grabbed it.

Fun adventure but +Katherine Gohring and I are exhausted.

Our box was marked with a sticker that had the number 4 written on it. Not sure if that's a clue or if it was a note intended for the planter of the cache to know which one it is, which might imply there are two more in Ohio.

Our box had the usual red lady art with the link to the keyfall illustration. It had 5 keys, in 3 varieties within a black coin purse. It has a flash drive with identical contents to the Manhattan cache: a text file and the KS video. The text file says the same stuff as the Manhattan cache, talking about the blue sun. I'll go over the files more in detail over the weekend to make sure there's nothing new.
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Our recent episode of Cypher Live, with Monte Cook!

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Me, +Marc Plourde, +James Walls, and +Katherine Gohring attempting once again to interview +Monte Cook on the Invisible Sun RPG.

We will not let the Demiurge thwart us this time!
Monte Cook will be discussing #InvisibleSunRPG on the Cypher Live podcast Sun 8/28 9pm ET
(This is the rescheduled date for the chat that had technical difficulties yesterday.)

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Info on the Manhattan cache, found by +Joseph DeSimone:

Contained a standard cache card with the keyfall image link as usual.

Has a flashdrive named "SILVER STAR". It contains a text file and a copy of the Kickstarter video, titled "The Actuality is Everything". It's a quarter gig so I'm not going to upload it here. I'll scour it to make sure it's no different from the one on the KS page. Also, it has 5 keys, one of which is different from the others.

Here's the text file:

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