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My DEF CON presentation is on youtube now as a low quality "early release".

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Got my ErgoDox keyboard put together and working. Pretty awesome except for the part where it wasn't working due to a marginal solder joint on one of the pull up resistors. 

Just saw the ship notice for my ErgoDoxen from MassDrop. Yay!!

Once, out of boredom, I constructed a file that was a valid png, zip and pdf, and contained meaningful data in each one. PDFs allow up to 1024 bytes of garbage before the header, so I put a PNG header at the beginning of the file and wrapped the PDF in a private use chunk before the IDAT chunk, then stuck the zip data at the end.

Can anyone think of a way to combine more formats than that?

The G+ app on my phone has twice now given me a warning screen that my account is suspended due to a name policy violation, however this does not actually seem to be the case. WTF?

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I wrote a wrapper library that will allow you to easilly upgrade your Linux server give your /dev/null the power of the cloud with the amazing new /dev/null as a service.

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I've been trying to make a Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder that works over a prime finite field rather than a binary one. It seems to almost work, but it fails to correctly calculate the positions of the errors. I suspect that I've screwed up something simple, but I'm having a hard time grokking the math involved. Would anyone care to enlighten me?

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So, I just saw this on Google News. Opening the link in a sandboxed browser takes me to an "Online Pharmacy". Searching for Sergey Brin on Google currently brings this up as well.

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For all the ridicule, I actually can think of several ways to put malware onto a mouse, and some of them don't even involve hardware modification.

Actual proof of concept malware which can infect keyboards and batteries has been demonstrated in the past (in both cases on Apple hardware).
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