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This should be really cool.  Fascinating family.
"I mean, for them to be number 1 picks in the draft, win Super Bowls, MVP, yeah.  We pinch ourselves.  We, we just tried to raise kids." - Archie Manning "  

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I love the 3/3 wins, but am super impressed with the lack of goals conceded.  We are SO much better as a squad than last year.
We shut off in the 2nd half, but what they lacked was Suarez.  We needed his intensity up front.  So excited about this team!

Liverpool v Man Utd
Share your thoughts with other G+ Reds in real time.  Let's kick it off with predictions.  I am hoping Skrtel is up to the occasion!

I don't understand the rosy attitude from some of Liverpool's twitter icons over the Willian deal.

We are losing what would have been our biggest signing of the window to another top 4 competitor. They say, "well, they are losing bale but we're keeping Suarez. Don't you feel good about that?"
No. We have contractually rooted Suarez's feet to the ground. We have the cash but we haven't been able to convince our 3 biggest realistic targets to join LFC. This is a problem as long as Spurs can buy up great talent with ease. We're lucky that Arsenal is a mess.

This is also the 3rd time in 2 years that Spurs have late swooped on Liverpool targets. Why pay for scouts, right?

Look, we're a lot better as a squad than we were last season. It's not hard to see that. It's going to be a fun season but if CL is the goal, our chances got a little worse today. :/

Anyone up for live text commentary for the Stoke match?
It's that time again...
CC: +Eman Zaman +Bobby Situkangpoles 

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I don't know how the players signed off on taking these photos. Hilarious from Grantland.
Attention Footy Fans! 

This is the best article you'll read all day. I promise. 
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I got married yesterday to +Danielle Balch! Such a great party. So glad to have +Bo Mangels there too!
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Wow.  Did anyone else watch the HBO Real Sports Special on Chivas USA?
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It's hard to imagine this kind of brutality being possible in our time.

This should potentially be filed as a case study for referees on why you shouldn't stab players.
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No description necessary here.  It's just like the title.
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