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A few days ago my coworker told me about this song and now I can't get enough of it. 
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The Case for Federalism:
We are continuously faced with crossroads in America, and 2016 is no different. There have always been competing visions as to how to most effectively govern our nation, but the one the Founders actually gave us was Federalism.
Federalism is the only way to maximize freedom in a vastly diverse nation. The United States was founded upon the principle of freedom and began as a diverse nation. The wisdom of the Founders led them to understand that this diversity would only expand as the nation grew.
Diversity is far more than personal characteristics such as race, gender, etc. As Thomas Sowell once explained, if you took two people of different races from the same neighborhood and send them to the same college, they wouldn't have the level of diversity of two people from the same race from radically different walks of life, say a suburban middle class person and someone who grew up in an inner city ghetto.
We are all individuals, and it is our individual experiences that make us unique as people and diverse as a people.
This is clearly seen on election maps. The Northeast and West Coast are always blue, the South and Plains are always red, and things come down to the 'swing states' becoming virtually bipolar as our politics become more entrenched.
This trend will not change. People will not change their minds, and no one is going anywhere. There is only one way to allow for this – what the Founders intended – for each state's citizens to decide as much as they can themselves how to live, and for the people to stop looking at the Federal Government to impose one way upon all. That is the essence if the tyranny that the Founders fought against.
In a Federalist system, no Vermonter need fear a Texan holding up a bill that would keep them from enjoying the fruits of a system of their own design, and no South Carolinian would feel like they had to support candidate X because otherwise, they'd have laws imposed on them they didn't agree with.
Federalism means the States govern themselves, and the Federal Government enact the only duties it was intended to. Most importantly though, everybody wins.
Arguments against federalism have come with examples of the past that no longer apply due to the adoption of Constitutional adaptations like the 13th and 14th Amendments, but with those additions that fixed the system for all came expansions of federal power.
The problem with federal power is that it has set us as Americans at each other's throats. Look at our candidates and supporters – most of us are intent with stopping "the other side" from imposing their will upon us as much as we are intent with foisting a candidate that shares our views to "set the other side straight".
This is cancerous to our nation, and surely everyone has noticed the rancor has increased exponentially in the last 20-30 years. The causes of our stark division has come from the stakes being so high for our freedoms. As each of us goes to the voting booth and watches every Supreme Court decision, we're all obsessed with preserving our very way of life and keeping "the other side" from messing everything up.
Prior to being exposed to each others views so starkly in the age of Cable News and the Internet, we all got along much, much better, and our nation ran much smoother. People actually knew their state legislators by name, and what happened at the State House and City Hall garnered much more attention than what Senator is running in a different state a thousand miles away.
I say bravo to New York introducing a $15 minimum wage if their voters support it, despite opposing it being imposed nationally, because people in many other states don't want it.
The Federal Government is not more noble or altruistic than State Governments, and now that we have degenerated into "rights" vs. "rights" in so many social issues, we are literally fighting each other in the streets over who has the steering wheel to the power that can reshape our lives.
The solution isn't for "our side to win". The solution is for "everyone to win". Take the steering wheel away, and let the voters of each state decide for themselves how they are to run.
At the workplace, if all but one employee feels the temperature is too high, does that one employee have the right to go to management and try to get them to come down and change the temperature and make everyone else uncomfortable in the process? Of course not. Yet that is the rationalization used far too often for those who seek to use the Federal Government as a cudgel to force others to live their lives as is seen fit by "their betters".
Say what you will about the power of the Federal Government, but one thing is certain: things cannot continue like this. As Lincoln explained "A House Divided Cannot Stand", and we divide ourselves by using draconian measures out of fear the other side will surely use them against us if we don't.
In a free country, we are free not only from the government, but from each other. I don't want to hate or fear progressives or libertarians, conservatives or liberals. I want us all to enjoy and thrive in our diverse views, and allow the states to be the Laboratories of Freedom that allow far more responsiveness to their citizens.
It's time to embrace the Constitution, to embrace true diversity for all, and allow each state to have as many services for its citizens as they choose. It's time to embrace the concept of "I'm happy for you to run your state the way you are, but I'm glad we aren't running our state that way.
The final safeguards needed in 1791 are now in place thanks to the Reconstruction Amendments, so we can finally achieve harmony with each other and avoid the increasing polarization that in the end has only one rational outcome.
The Federal Government is too powerful for either "side" to control. We must be the masters of our own fates.
That is why I am supporting the only Federalist candidate currently running for president – Ted Cruz.

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Wonderful write up for federalism. Trouble is that Cruz supports a Federal Marriage Amendment, which would be Constitutional if passed, of course, by definition. However, some might not interpret that as a federalist position. Furthermore, it likely would be overturned by SCOTUS, as the part of DOMA that protected states' rights on defining marriage was in Oberfell. 
(Feel free to correct anything I got factually wrong.) :-) 

That's just his position on one issue and what popped into my head. Best I can remember there are other positions of Cruz that cannot be defined as strictly federalist. I'm open to objections on that as well. 
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This is entirely predictable. Those of us who understand economics and history knew that this would be the outcome of government run healthcare on such a large scale. Unfortunately I hate being right when it comes to sick people not being able to get quality care because of government gets in the way. 
Britain's NHS is failing, Obamacare is failing
Maybe we could give the free market a try - it seems to work out well in all other industries!

As we've been reporting since October, Britain's National Health Service (NHS) is facing an existential crisis, with a huge and accelerating deficit expected to reach 22 billion pounds ($32 billion) by 2020.

The system is deeply corrupt, with doctors falsifying records, claiming for work that was never done, or putting in for bogus overtime. Dentistry services are so bad that people are buying "do-it-yourself (DIY) dentistry kits" to take care of their whole families, as was done centuries ago.

Because the NHS bureaucracy is so old and bloated, and because the services are "free," costs can only be controlled by rationing, queuing, reduced quality and artificial cost suppression. UK's doctors earn far less than doctors in other countries, and UK specialists earn about half of what they do in America. As a result, UK's homegrown doctors have left to work in other countries, and NHS has had to import 28% of its doctors from abroad, usually from poorer countries where low UK salaries look attractive.

The reason that was a disaster was that each of the web sites was a $10-20 million software development project, but the Obama administration funded each web site with something like $200 million. So when a company like CGI Corp. receives $200 million for a $10 million project, the objective is to spend the money. So they hired hundreds of programmers, most of whom were completely incompetent. So they spent the money, but couldn't develop the web site.

As part of that project, I also looked into all the other components of Obamacare -- the exchanges, the co-ops, and the risk corridors. And as I described in the article, all of them were financial disasters. Many have gone bankrupt, and others are staying afloat only because the Obama administration is finding ways to take money from other projects and pour it into the Obamacare black hole.

What Obamacare and Britain's NHS have in common is that both of them are in financial death spirals that cannot be sustained
Generational Dynamics
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Ryan Bickmore

General Discussion  - 
I thought that this was interesting.
The full significance of Martin Harris's visit to Charles Anthon has been diminished in the way Latter-day Saints typically retell the story. A consequence of that visit was an apparent fulfillment of prophecy in Isaiah 29 when the learned scholar, Charles Anthon, declared that he could not ...
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Ryan Bickmore

►Core Principles  - 
Progressivism is an ideology that tries to put each person into a group. Gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, athiest, liberal, conservative, rich, poor, black, white, or brown. 
Conservatism is an ideology that focuses on each individual with all of their differences and quirks. Each person has different talents. We all have something to give. What talents do you have that you can use to make the community around you a better place? Can you look at others and see the good in them and give them the benefit of the doubt? What could they do if they were trained and used as tools in the Masters hands?
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+kubush Does you think your last comment was a substantive response?
I based my comment on your fanciful list of sins you attribute to conservative Republicans.
Democrats practically invented the war on blacks, from their KKK days to the 1960s, when they kept resisting Republican efforts to pass those civil rights bills.  They, along with Lyndon Johnson, finally realized the public was against them, and the dems finally reversed their stance and stopped resisting the civil rights bills, and Lyndon Johnson declined to run again.
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This is a great article about how Progressives have always changed the language. They realize that their arguments don't hold up on their own so they have to change the language.
_Democrats can create entire issues out of corrupting words. Take “access”— formerly meaning “having the ability to approach, enter, or use.” In today’s liberal parlance, when the state doesn’t give you something for free, it’s taking something from you. It’s denying you access. When there’s a lack of “access” to birth control, it doesn’t, as the dictionary might lead you to believe, mean that Walgreens and CVS have been dissuaded from selling condoms or that someone is bolting the door when women attempt to purchase birth control at the local pharmacy. It means that government has not made condoms “free” for anyone who desires them.

A War on Women loses a bit of its bark when it’s The War on Having the Taxpayers Pay For Everyone’s Pill.
To oppose the latter—whatever you make of the position—is not tantamount to a “ban” or “outlawing.” Yet Hillary has accused Cruz of attempting to “ban” contraception—not once, but five times in his political career. This goes on all the time. Yet, by any definition of the word, neither Cruz nor any Republican in office today has ever tried to ban—prohibit, forbid, proscribe, disallow—contraception or even infringe on the right to access it._
If we continue to let the left change the language on every argument we will continue to lose. When someone tries to change the language do not let them get away with it. 
Today’s debates aren't only littered with rhetorical distortions. In some ways, many of Democrats' most potent arguments are built on corrupt language.
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Ryan Bickmore

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This is an awesome idea. 
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Ryan Bickmore

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I'll choose reason and common sense.
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I'm going with knowledge and wisdom. 
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Ryan Bickmore

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Stop with the common sense. Common sense is no longer allowed in America.
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Ryan Bickmore

Innovation  - 
This sounds like a cool place. I'd like to see a place like this in person sometime.
"The first time I entered Atlantic Station was about 18 months ago. I had some sense that something was different about the place, but I hadn’t understood that it was entirely private. I stepped out on the sidewalk and lit up a cigarette. One of these very nice private policeman came up and greeted me and politely asked me to put it out, on grounds that this was against the rules in this private community. I said, you mean by this building? He said, no, for the whole community.

I didn’t resent it. In fact, I was delighted to comply. I even thanked him for being so kind. There were no tickets, no yelling, no moments of intimidation. No one is taking your stuff, threatening to arrest you, or even giving you tickets. You have the right of exit. The rules themselves become part of a larger market for rules.

Another interesting feature is how Atlantic Station has marketed itself. It is not seen as an experiment in capitalist living. All the promotion uses all the usual lefty buzzwords about energy efficiency, sustainability, diversity, renewable this and that, certifications by various green groups, and so on. None of it matters in the slightest. This is about private property. Period. It’s ownership that realizes the ideals, whatever they are."
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I needed some milk for my toddler - the gentleman who helped me was very helpful and nice. Thank you for saving our evening!!!
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I love Moochies. Their cheesesteaks and meatball sandwiches are great. I usually get the cheesesteak with the jalepeno sauce on it. The fries are my favorite in town. I want to try the "Atomic Meatball" sometime (The meatball sub with the jalepeno sauce on it), but I like the cheesesteak too much to give it up.
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When I was deciding what type of gun to buy I visited many of the gun shops in the valley. The Gun Vault was very helpful in telling me my options and they had a good stock on hand too. I will be going back to do business with them in the future.
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I went there this weekend and tried the cheesesteak. I can't wait to go back. It was by far the best cheesesteak in town. I can't wait to go back and try some more of the food. If you are in the Salt Lake area this is one of the must try food establishments.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Tucanos is a Brazilian style grill. Waiters come around with different kinds of meat, vegetables and fruits for you to try. They also have a huge salad bar. We always eat until we are stuffed and can't eat anymore. My favorite dish is the grilled pineapple brushed with brown sugar.
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We are there last night with a work group. Since we had so many people we ordered a lot of appetizers and sides so we could taste everything. All of the food we tasted was so good. The stake I had was juicy and flavored very well with simple flavoring. The sweet potato casserole is my favorite thing on the menu. My wife tried the venison and lived it. It is very hard to go wrong with Ruths Chris.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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The gym is big with a lot of room to climb. The place is clean and well taken care of. Prices are comparable to other gyms. My main problem is with the staff. I have been here many times and all of the staff have been arrogant, rude and ornery. When I used to climb at Rock Haus in Logan everyone was always so nice and willing to talk and help and teach. At momentum whenever I ask a question i get looked at like I am an idiot who is wasting their time.
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