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I knew it! This is why every time I deal with Comcast I have a strong desire to sin.

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Ryan Bickmore

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I've tried out spaces a little bit and I think it is pretty cool. It does have its problems like everything else. This article is a good summary of the bad and the potential for good.
This is why you need Google Spaces

(Read my column: )

Google last week announced a lot of products last week. Nearly all of them are "catch-up" products -- Google's versions of products that other companies have already shipped. And all of them are coming out later in the year.

But one Google announcement alone is both unique and currently available: Google Spaces.

Spaces is not a social network. Nobody can follow you as a person, and you can't follow other people. You have to invite people from outside Spaces.

This absence of social following highlights one of the benefits of Spaces: You don't "post" something and hope the members of a social network find it or mark it as “liked.” You're not in some ego-driven competition for followers. It's not about creating viral content, because there's no place for your content to go.

Also: There are no celebrities, trolling, shaming, uninvited participants or any of the other annoying features of major social sites, including and especially Twitter.

Here's why you should use Spaces, along with my pro tips on how to use it well:

#Google #Spaces #GoogleSpaces
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Cool. I just have to mess with it and find people using it really effectively to get ideas on how to use it myself. He mentions it's like a slack lite, which makes sense.
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Ryan Bickmore

NBA  - 
I like trying out new tech and features so naturally I want to try out Google Spaces to see what it is about and if It will be useful. This is a space I created for us to talk about the NBA Playoffs. If you like trying new things or want a place to discuss the playoffs join me over there and lets try this out. 
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Ryan Bickmore

►Core Principles  - 
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. I believe that your job as a mother is the most important thing that you can do. Last night I posted a question asking what is upstream from culture and it seems that we were in agreement that families, churches and small community groups are upstream from culture. If we want to change the broken culture in America starting with our families, churches, local schools and neighborhoods is the best way we can do it.

The second thing I wanted to point out is that conservatism has a problem with messaging. Way too often we talk about facts and policy and we forgot to humanize our ideas. We need to focus on people and how we help people and how our policies will help people. If we don't show how it will help people then we are just wasting our breath.

This very simple video shows people doing good and helping to serve other people. We need videos and projects like this on the conservative side so that we can show that we really do care about the poor, minorities, inner cities, women and children. "People don't care what you know until they know how much you care"
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The political message that I take from this is that we know you are capable of great things so we are going to help give you the help and tools you need to be able to fulfill your potential.
I think that needs to be our main message going forward.
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This story is incredibly important. Read the lead in commentary that +Pradheep Shanker​ wrote and read the article.
The White House, with one foot out the door, is finally being honest.

They lied to the American people and the media about the Iran nuclear deal. Conservatives were telling the truth, the White House knew it, and they purposefully lied on a issue of national security.

They also lied to the media, because they knew the media are shills and too incompetent to challenge them on the facts. (Note...this comes from Obama's advisor's own mouth, no less).

Liberals who said Bush lied about intelligence and national security? They haven't a leg to stand on if they don't criticize Obama for the same.

They won't...because they are hypocrites. But the facts remain.
Congratulations, liberals of the Washington press corps and elite organizations: You’re a bunch of suckers. We all know this because the Obama White House just told us so. In an astounding New York…
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Ryan Bickmore

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Such a weird way to start a conversation
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"Starts" 😂
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I really enjoyed this song and it has a great message.
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Ryan Bickmore

Home and Family  - 
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. You have a special influence on your children that will never be matched by any other person. The impact for good that you can have on the world cannot be measured.
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Ryan Bickmore

Open Discussion  - 
If politics is downstream from culture then what is upstream from culture?
This question is inspired by Frank Buckley on the federalist radio hour. 
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Bill Whittle has had a lot of interesting things to say on that topic.
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Ryan Bickmore

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+Ryan Bickmore trust me. It wasn't 7 good and 1 bad. It was a false build up of 4 years and a torturous decline of 4 years. The fact that people still haven't been able to recovery fully shows just how bad that recession was. It erased decades of economic growth.

To Obama's credit, his administration stopped and reversed unemployment. Stopped are reversed economic growth to the positive. Stopped the stock market crash. Stopped the foreclosures. Made it possible to at least get back on your feet from off your knees. 
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-I want to learn more about rock climbing and would love to find people around Salt Lake that I can go with.

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I needed some milk for my toddler - the gentleman who helped me was very helpful and nice. Thank you for saving our evening!!!
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I love Moochies. Their cheesesteaks and meatball sandwiches are great. I usually get the cheesesteak with the jalepeno sauce on it. The fries are my favorite in town. I want to try the "Atomic Meatball" sometime (The meatball sub with the jalepeno sauce on it), but I like the cheesesteak too much to give it up.
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When I was deciding what type of gun to buy I visited many of the gun shops in the valley. The Gun Vault was very helpful in telling me my options and they had a good stock on hand too. I will be going back to do business with them in the future.
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I went there this weekend and tried the cheesesteak. I can't wait to go back. It was by far the best cheesesteak in town. I can't wait to go back and try some more of the food. If you are in the Salt Lake area this is one of the must try food establishments.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Tucanos is a Brazilian style grill. Waiters come around with different kinds of meat, vegetables and fruits for you to try. They also have a huge salad bar. We always eat until we are stuffed and can't eat anymore. My favorite dish is the grilled pineapple brushed with brown sugar.
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We are there last night with a work group. Since we had so many people we ordered a lot of appetizers and sides so we could taste everything. All of the food we tasted was so good. The stake I had was juicy and flavored very well with simple flavoring. The sweet potato casserole is my favorite thing on the menu. My wife tried the venison and lived it. It is very hard to go wrong with Ruths Chris.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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The gym is big with a lot of room to climb. The place is clean and well taken care of. Prices are comparable to other gyms. My main problem is with the staff. I have been here many times and all of the staff have been arrogant, rude and ornery. When I used to climb at Rock Haus in Logan everyone was always so nice and willing to talk and help and teach. At momentum whenever I ask a question i get looked at like I am an idiot who is wasting their time.
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