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I was wondering how everyone is integrating Sketch into their process for handing off to front-end developers that are on a #pc? I'm using to creating designs in #phototshop then just handing the psd's over to a front-end devloper (or slice & code myself). In using Sketch, that is an issue because Sketch isn't available for PC. Are you exporting all assets and CSS Styles from Sketch, and maybe doing some annotations or some type of spec sheet and then handing off? 

I'm curious because it seems like another step in the process, it seems I might have to revert back to doing designs in #psd since all our front-end dev's are on a pc.

I'd love to know your thoughts and process.

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I'm curious to see how people are using or any other bitmap based #patterns   in their designs. I understand how to import and use them in Sketch 3, but what's the best way to go about #exporting  them after colorizing, etc.?

Usually in #photoshop  I would just quickly marquee a square area, copy/paste & export. In Sketch is there a similar approach, or do I need to basically create a separate square, apply my pattern their, and export that way?

I'm looking to use Sketch 3 for the first time doing a full website design for a client. I'm just so used to cutting up PSD's with the quickness I don't want to add to much extra time to the process.

Thanks for the #help

With Shared Symbols, is there a way to turn off 'scaling'?

For instance, I'm using Sketch to create little box wireframes for websites. I have a few shared symbols for header, footer, etc. So I have a page w/ the full wireframe, then a 2nd page that I copy/paste the wire into, scale it down, and then have specs on either side. Unfortunately if I scale down the full wire w/ shared symbols, they all scale. It be great if I could 'un-link' the scaling of a shared symbol that way the proper dimensions could be kept on Page 1 w/ full wires, and a scaled version on Page 2.


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