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How come you can get salmonella from chicken but you can't get chickenmonella from salmon?

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I like this a lot. In addition to what the link is saying, what if we're ignoring big problems because we think God will take care of them, but really God is counting on us to do the right thing and take action?

Do you think classic artists had any idea that someday their work would be spread throughout the world with amusing captions and text added to them?

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We stayed for 13 of the 18 innings of the Cubs vs. Yankees the other night, it was great. The ending was a bummer, but the comeback to tie it up was really exciting. We caught a train to the car and then drove back to the hotel and still managed to catch the last inning or two on TV.

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Uncertainty in climate change predictions is a good argument for doing more to fight climate change instead of less. The climate science has actually underestimated some of the trends. Preparing for the worst case scenario is something we do in every field: engineering, finance, national security. Why aren't we doing that with climate?

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If you spend any time looking at the actual science, the research, the methods, and the findings it is very clear that climate change is happening and that humans bear much of the responsibility. If there's something you're skeptical about or that makes you suspicious, find a research paper about it! I guarantee it exists. Questions such as:
"What about the sun heating up?" or
"How do we know extra carbon in the atmosphere isn't just coming from volcanos or some other natural process?" or
"How accurate have the models been?"
There are research papers about all of these topics. Scientists have asked the same questions and thoroughly researched them. Don't know where to look? Ask!

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Here's a fun game: Would you still have the same reaction and opinion of the MOAB bombing, Trump, and Obama if the bomb had been dropped during Obama's term? Because it's been authorized since during his term:

"Defense officials said Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, had the authorities to use the bomb as part of the larger authorities to fight ISIS granted to his command in January 2016.

The officials said the planning to use the bomb had been under way for months during the Obama administration and that the bomb had been in Afghanistan for months."

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Final follow up to the previous polls. If, in the future, machines develop to the point that humans no longer need to work, which of the following best reflects your opinion?

A: The need to work is innate, humanity would decline into depression and unrest and never recover.
B: The need to work is innate, humanity would develop some kind of make-work or busy work programs to keep people occupied and satisfied and most people would be okay.
C: The need to work that many feel developed out of necessity or cultural norms, but it is a strong need that many people feel and humanity would decline into depression and unrest and never recover.
D: The need to work that many feel developed out of necessity or cultural norms, humanity would temporarily decline and future generations would adapt and recover.
E: The need to work that many feel developed out of necessity or cultural norms, most people would quickly realize the benefits of not working and be better off almost immediately.
Comment: Other, explain with a comment.
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Follow up to the previous poll. Do you personally need work to feel purpose and satisfaction in your life, or could you still feel that if you no longer needed to work to survive.
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I need work
I don't need work
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