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Cool! Did you test out the Locale integration with Tasker as well?
Ryan B
hmm! i didn't, but i should. thanks for the nudge!
It should "just work" but worth a shot. Tasker also has a free APK download for testing which is nice when you're using the emulator.
Cool post!

I think it's interesting to think about the fact that when I'm working with a UI framework, I want it to be even more opinionated than other things I'm working with. One way of thinking about this is that given that a UI framework is fundamentally completely flexible (since you can ultimately just manipulate pixels and a tight loop to accomplish anything you might want), there's by definition an unlimited number of ways to do anything. But there are probably a few ways which pay off in the long term if you follow some standard model, due to the utilities others have built when they've navigated this open forest in the past. And thus, my desire to do things the "right" way is the highest with UI frameworks, versus, say, working with Python code or writing a Java web app: I want the path through the forest with the most rest stops.

From your (and my) experience with Android, it seems like the "path of greatest encouragement" for UI development on Android, i.e. the most opinionated way of doing things, is both not documented clearly enough, and has not been enhanced or improved enough.

(Then again, I'm not an Android expert-- there could be many things I'm missing.)
Ryan B
interesting point! i definitely agree. i wonder if that just shows that we're not UI designers, and we're happy to defer to their accepted wisdom. if someone expected us to use highly opinionated tools for writing infrastructure and backends, we might balk. then again, that is kind of what we did with app engine, so maybe we wouldn't.

btw, i just published another app,, which simulates pressing a headphone or headset button. i use it to automatically restart whatever was playing last when I plug in my headphones. much nicer than pressing power, unlocking the screen, navigating through the player app, and pressing play again!
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