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Woah, just found my late-90s +University of Minnesota collectable mouse mat from the CS labs.
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Ry4an Brase

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I've committed my share of home repair sins, but nothing like this.
The extension cord powered outlet at the bottom provided power to this subpanel, which provided power to the garage.
What else is wrong in this picture?
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Ry4an Brase

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Why yes, this is a text from my 5 year old asking me if she can get a phone case.
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I can't wait to text with my nephews.
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I think the #1 thing that could help sprinkler adoption is for movies and TV to stop misrepresenting how they work.  In media if the fire alarm goes off or if one sprinkler gets hot they all go off.  That's not how a normal sprinkler install works (and certainly not a domestic one).   When one sprinkler head gets very hot that one and only that one starts spewing water.

You're not going to be cooking a chicken and have your whole home flooded just because smoke triggered your smoke alarm or reached one of your sprinkler heads.

The only reasonable concerns I can understand are that if they're hit hard by a flying ball (kids!) they can be made to spray, and recessed sprinkler heads can help with both that and the aesthetics.
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Okay, I need April Fools to not exist anymore.

Also, I know the economics are delicate and constantly changing, but I have a hard time being mad about this added expense for someone who can afford to build a 4500+ square foot home in the first place.
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Dear coffee shop in tourist town (You know who you are),
The father that gets up at 6am on his vacation to have coffee and alone time to write, does not want to listen to the soundtrack from Frozen. He'll get plenty of that in the 5 hours he'll spend in the car today with his family.

This is literally the first time I have ever experienced a coffee shop that plays the wrong music. Now it's "Call Me Maybe." I'm never going to get any work done in here.
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Ry4an Brase

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Need to draw an ASCII diagram? ASCIIFlow is awesome: - sure beats doing this stuff by hand. As a bonus, nice integration with Google Drive as well!
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Though the nice thing about Sasha never having pockets is I don't have to check for things in them when I do the wash.
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My daughter has always been delighted with pockets. They're a big deal to her.
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Now they're showing view counts.  I dunno if that's high or not.
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I don't think so. You can hide it in profile though. 
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