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Hidden deep in the Navarro woods, the Trickster has left her mark... 

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Looks like a great summer for Ingress and GORUCK. #opclearfield
U.S Agents,
Lace your shoes up and get ready for a unique Ingress experience. Over the next several months Ingress and GORUCK will be teaming up and hosting over 100 events across the United States named Operation Clear Field.

Operation Clear Field will combine a service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress gameplay at thousands of landmarks and parks nationwide. Some will be occurring in conjunction with Mission Days and November Lima (NL-1331) will be making an appearance at others.

All registration fees will be donated to the National Park Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service.

Stay tuned for a full schedule and calendar of events.


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Smurf the Earth Canada coins have arrived and pre-orders have been shipped out! Good luck, agents, as you head into Week 2 of this global Resistance competition.
Our coins sold out in under 24 hours last week, and we now have a few extra available that were held back for our local communities. If you missed out on our pre-sale, grab one now! Patches and stickers are still available as well!

Global shipping starts at $4.
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Team Trickster's swag is going fast.. but I'm especially happy to reveal our Tarot card, with Misty Hannah as The Magician. This exclusive art was created by the wonderfully talented +Miho S and can be scooped up with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING at

Our beautiful tarot card is in production! Check out the front of the card, which features Misty Hannah as The Magician, with her trickster tendencies on full display. This card will be included in our Trickster Trunk package deal that also comes with a coin, pin, custom 5 dice game, stamped notebook, invisible ink pen, and special surprises - all in a collectible wooden box.

Get it here -->

Quantities are limited so order yours today - especially if you want the attendee-only box that includes our limited edition gold coin (on-site pickup at Camp Navarro only).

You can also get the tarot card and coin a la carte. Check out for all the details!


#CampTrickster #TeamEnigma #13MagnusReawakens #MagnusReawakens #Resistance #Swag #Ingress #IngressSwag #SwagAddicts #TheTrickster #TarotCard #TheMagician 

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Information begins to emerge on the illusive #CampTrickster ......


+H. Richard Loeb​​​​​​​ +Edgar Allan Wright​​​​​​​ +Operation Essex​​​​​​​ +Project Isthmus​​​​​​​ +flint dille​​​​​​​ +Andrew Krug​​​​​​​ +Ingress​​​​​​​ +Niantic Project​​​​​​​ +Niantic​​​​​​​

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Alright folks!! Who's in!! Pre-orders for the NL-1331 Coin are up and pre-order pricing will apply until May 5th!

This is a Coin with a coin inside (really a 1" tag attached by a magnet), so its a first for us!! I'll probably make more tags for different events and #ingress stuff later on so you can switch them out as you please!!

Price is $14 and includes shipping, if you're buying for pickup at the #NL1331 Event in Kuala Lumpur, get in touch with me first.

If you're picking up in the US from +Ryanne Jones, please get in touch with her.

After May 5th, the price will be $16 (with shipping included). Bulk purchase from groups or communities are definitely welcome and please get in touch before you order!! 

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Magic is about to happen in the Navarro forest. 
Ever wonder what the results may look like if you were to put together artists like +Ruth Shepherd​ and +Miho S​ together on a team with +Cade Roux​ / +Molly Oehmichen​ and some hardcore swag collectors.... Hummmm....

Care to sneak a peek?
*Stay tuned for updates!*


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Personalized birthday gift from +Adam Hoang​​ 😄
Perfect wear for the hockey game tonight.
#canada #toronto #rio5 #ingress 
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