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I am seeing a weird issue with our SERPs that I can't figure out. For certain queries, instead of displaying the post title, the SERP is displaying the unique part of the URL. It's happening even when you just straight up Google the title tag (see example 1), but it's NOT happening for all pages, or all pages on the blog, or all queries. If I weren't able to replicate it using the exact language in the title tag as my query I would assume that Google has decided that the permalink text is somehow more relevant than the title tag, but I don't see how it could be when they're the same text.  I thought it may be correlating with rel=author, but it's not always happening when author snippets display either. Any ideas?
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My first thought: Google is so broken that more and more errors show up all the time. The SERPS are overflowing with more spam after Penguin and Google shows cloaked sites and compromised sites on page 1 in the SERP. Why not screw up the titles too? 
It's not a bug, it's a new feature:

Trigger alt title when HTML title is truncated. [launch codename "tomwaits", project codename "Snippets"] We have algorithms designed to present the best possible result titles. This change will show a more succinct title for results where the current title is so long that it gets truncated. We’ll only do this when the new, shorter title is just as accurate as the old one.
+Terence Kam if it's in the SERPs for my site that makes it my problem whether I want it or not! :-) +Viktor Vogel that is the conclusion we're coming to, too - a little frustrating since no way is that a better title than the actual post title!
hey +Ruth Burr i have seen that generally that discription is been changed while using??? may i know is this right... becaues when we see that seo blog +aaron wall 's blog will display with profile.. & when i type in google blog will display diffrent may i know how to solve this... because this creates problem in CTR... Right???
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