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Rusty Moore

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Just finished part 2 of the "Bland Meals for Fat Loss" series.

This Stone Soup inspired recipe will NOT delight your guests...but will definitely help you drop body fat.
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Rusty Moore

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Strength Without Size Part 2: How "High Voltage Lifting" increases strength & definition.  
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Ryan...I was told it was too competitive when I started as well. There is always room for great info.
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Rusty Moore

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Just put up Part 3 of a 3 part post on "Taming your Appetite". It's mixed with solid tips, creepy horse masks, good tunes, and love & tenderness.
In part 3 I'll discuss supplements that make it easier to follow your diet...leading to free love, world peace, and rainbows.
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Rusty Moore

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Why I walked away from my popular fitness blog, "Fitness Black Book".
The story of why I trashed my fitness blog that got over 25 Million visitors, and decided to start from scratch with a brand new site instead.
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Hi :) I've been lifting for ~8months with great progress. I love it--but not necessarily the look it's giving me. I'm purchasing Visual Impact for Women, but I'm still uncertain as to whether it'll help me lose some muscle in my legs to become more 'sleek'. It'd be great if you could give me some feedback on that. Plus I tend to have overuse injuries from running--will machines other than treadmills do the trick?
Thank you and sorry for the annoying comment/question thing :o
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Rusty Moore

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Just put up a new post. A good strategy to start the year off with.
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Rusty Moore

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A Norwegian guy who put up videos on Youtube,..gets to tryout for the NFL. This is one of his videos.
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That's amazing!!
This guy might try out for the Champions League as well, LOL! :-)
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Rusty Moore

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"Bland Meals Help You Get Lean in a Hurry". My 3 go-to recipes for dropping weight quickly. 
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Thanks Rusty! I think we'll give it a try. Healthy, convenient and do-ahead would work well for us. Budget friendly too, so hits all the marks :)
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Rusty Moore

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My newest post on Visual Impact Fitness. "Body Image and Unrealistic Role Models"  
If you are built like Chris Rock, I can't make you look like Chris Hemsworth. Rants about this, the SHE SQUATS phenomenon, negative body image, and more.
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Rusty Moore

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Just put up post #2 on my brand new shiny blog. Tips on fighting hunger on a diet, mixed with a bit of 80's and 90's pop culture.
Tips on appetite control mixed with all sorts of 80's & 90's nonsense. Also, why do most fitness guys have terrible taste in music? hurts!
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Rusty Moore

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Taking Kiefer's food survey.
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Hello +Rusty Moore  wonderful informative posts on health, how long have you been in the health fitness industry and were you ever a trainer or just simply a health enthusiast? 
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Rusty Moore

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Hi Rusty
According to your program and added emails, metabolism doesnt really slow down as long there's enough fat to burn.
or am I mistaking.
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Rusty Moore

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I couldn't resist sharing this. Too funny :)
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Yes! Funny!
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Full-Time Fitness Blogger, Fitness Author.
***May 2015 Update: I have a new site called Visual Impact Fitness <---Click here to read why I walked away from my old blog that got 25+ million visitors. 

I'm a fitness author and blogger. 

I was one of those lucky people who was able to quit their job and do this "internet thing" full-time.

I started my blog, Fitness Black Book, back in June of 2007. It was one of the first websites that pushed the idea of getting fit, without looking like a "gym rat". 

The goal of getting lean and slim...looking fit and stylish...was a big hit. Within a year my little fitness blog was getting 5,000+ visitors per day. One year later it was twice that amount.

In March 2009, I was able to walk away from my day job and do this full-time. 

Fast forward to today. I've written several books, made a bunch of new friends online, and I'm really enjoying life.

My goals for 2012 is to deliver more free stuff and value to my current customers. I also want to help more people hit their goals. 

When I'm not working?

I enjoy traveling with my girlfriend and living life to the fullest. I appreciate witty and laid back people. 

Thanks for reading all of this :)


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  • Fitness Author & Full-Time Blogger
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