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Broken Spirit

You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

        Cyndi Lauper

This child is so sad. Easy to see in his face. He lives on the street. I have no seen him in about a week. I hope he is okay.

He is soft spoken and well mannered. I can't imagine what horrors he has endured to make him take to the streets. Abuse? Lost parents? I do not know but this child is not happy living on the streets.

He often keeps to himself. Often a bundled up mass with his cardboard bed, sleeping on the sidewalk and totally covered from head to foot in whatever rag he can find to cover himself with.

I would bring him to my room and take care of him if I could but I would be arrested. Sad state this world has come to.

Help the Homeless

#homeless   #streetkids   #poverty   #cebucity   #philippines   #ripplesoflove  
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Rusty thanks for being a good teacher you talk me well thank you for that
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Rusty Ferguson

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Went to a party the other day, Santa Ray and Marivic were celebrating 12 years together. Two days later they got engaged. Some of you might remember the picture of Ray being Santa from a couple of years ago. I will share them both.

#santa #philippines 
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Congratulations to Santee Claws and Mrs. Claws, pinay cuzzin.
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Rusty Ferguson

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When her husband died and the violence in #SouthSudan became too much, Nytato took her 3 young children and walked more than 100 miles to a refugee camp near the Ethiopia border. Now they’re safe from violence but face another challenge: the risk of serious diseases and life-threatening malnutrition. In a country where 10% of children die before they reach their 5th birthday, the situation is critical:
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Rusty Ferguson

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My favorite sport... Capturing Filipina. :P
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Nice shot
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Rusty Ferguson

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Paying your bills in the Philippines is one of the things that falls a bit short of paradise. ;)  I discuss some of the heavenly details here: How have you delt with this? Like me? Send someone else to do it? haha ;) 

The photo is of a girl that works near the hotel. Admitted, to get your attention. She's sweet and shy. Took a year to get a picture of her. :)
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Rusty Ferguson

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Last night, I went to see Jurassic World. I went to the IMAX at SM Mall.  It took 2 hours to get a taxi to take us home. That part was no fun at all. I would share her picture but she made me promise not too. :(
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+Kimmy Jimmy I have the app but people have had trouble with their promos based on what I saw in the reviews of their apps. I have it now, in case I need it. 
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Rusty Ferguson

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Don't wait for the government, don't wait for someone else to help. Don't make excuses, just do something. This toddler was bothering me that day. I figured he was from one of the nearby homes. Saw this that night, two nights ago. Shame on me for being bothered.

They like to hang out at Angel's Burgers, get under my feet, block the path to the store by sitting on the stools waiting for someone to give them something. It does get out of hand and the staff is finally trying to put an end to it.

So they don't always have good manners. Some do have exceptionally manners. The kid looking up that is in the bottom right, has wonderful manners. I would let him sleep on my couch if they wouldn't arrest me. Would be a problem I suppose since I'm not alone and honestly, I had enough of being alone.

Just help the kids. Some of them are just part of the syndicate and don't need help. Some just want money for the Internet cafe. Others are hungry and have a cardboard bed to sleep on.

HELP THEM. No Excuses.

I mentioned in a Clash of Clans clan chat that I was going back out to take this picture of a toddler sleeping on the sidewalk. Someone said "wtf, pedophile?" I wanted to jump through that screen with a big stick and beat him to a pulp. I still do.

This scene makes me angry that people don't give damn makes me want to kill someone. No, I wouldn't. :) It really gets to me when a guy will help a pretty girl but thinks these kids are a rude menace. They didn't create this. Maybe they should pull themselves up by the Fing boot straps eh?

‪#‎ripplesoflove‬ ‪#‎cebu‬ ‪#‎streetphotography‬
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You should know that !
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Rusty Ferguson

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Think your traffic is bad? 
One commuter spent the first few hours of his birthday with strangers on a passenger bus, rather than with his loved ones at home, staying on the road from Sept. 8 to Sept. 9.
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If you hate being tracked, this might be for you.  Sometimes these king of things harm  your browsing as well. This one SEEMS to be trying to avoid that by allowing the content to work. You'll have to try it to find out if it works for you. I have installed it but too early to know. :)

#privacy   #EFF   #electronicfrontierfoundation  
The advertising industry is finding sneaky new ways to track you. Privacy Badger 1.0 is here to outsmart them...
Privacy Badger 1.0 – New Ways to Stop Sneaky Trackers EFF is excited to announce that today we are releasing version 1.0 of Privacy Badger for Chrome and Firefox.  Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically blocks hidden trackers that would otherwise spy on your browsing habits as you surf the Web.
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Let me know how it goes.
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Jessie and I are back together. Always felt like it was meant to be that way. Perhaps it is. Read more here:
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Love is a mystery and only who can decode the language of real love will accept that love doesn't have face, nationality or age 
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Getting a Taxi in Cebu can be a real challenge but sometimes that's not the end of the challenge. :P
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    I'm a blogger sharing what I've learned on a variety of subjects including life as an expat in the Philippines, travel and Internet marketing. My official company name is Tantalizing Web development. I blog about my Internet marketing business at where I help others with their online business needs.
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Travel Photography and Blogging while having the time of my life in the Philippines.
I'm an American expat now living in the Philippines and having a wonderful time.  Making the most out of life. I am also an Amatuer Photographer, Social Networking Promoter, and Internet Marketer.

I have an exciting life in the Philippines. I'm an explorer by nature. I love to discover new things. The best part of living to me is learning something new. I think my mind is probably the strongest "muscle" in my body. Not due to a high IQ just I keep it so exercised.

I work on some websites, blogging about my life in the Philippines, it is important to me that I offer quality information and that people have a reason to visit my sites.  The site I am most active on is Exciting Cebu.

I am the author of a best seller: Philippines Experience -- Basic Expat Training Manual. Check it out!  Expat Manual.

I am a bit of gadget freak. If it blinks and goes beep, I'm a fan. Included in this is my love for photography. My camera is ancient and I need a new one.

My blog has many pictures and there will be a lot more to come. Exciting Cebu is only a few months old. I've had other larger sites but thought it was time to start anew.

I am also an ethical Internet Marketer and also have a website related to helping others get started in Internet marketing.I call this website Tantalizing Web.

Major Update 03-04-14

Typhoon Haiyan struck the city i lived in on November 8th, 2013. It has dominated my life since then until now, March 4th, 2014. It has brought many changes and many of them are positive. I learned through Shawn Manaher (Link to be added) that I can make an impact via social media that I could never have alone.

I've always wanted to do something for others. The hungry, the homeless and the lonely are of special concern to me. Those that usually don't fit in.  The outsiders of life. 

My main work now is to help others. I don't know how effective I can be at it but that's what I want to do. I believe the Internet is a place for giving without expectation of anything in return. I try to approach things that way but I am human and I often fail in that noble goal. I'd love to gain from it too, I need to. 

I have limited means and that has held me back. My big dream is to feed the people living on the street first. In the Philippines there is very little mental health work. I've heard of mentally ill people being locked in basically a dob cage. 

I would love to see what I want to do to grow into an organization that first feeds and then attempts to improve the life of those that wish to make a change. It's a massive task here but I'll dream the dream, all the same.

I cannot do this alone. I have too many issues of my own. Issues with finances and health.

Circle Sharing

I love circle sharing and usually share one circle that I personally create each day. To get in my circles, you need to engage with me. Plussing, commenting and resharing. The more you do of each, the more circles I'll put you in. I share my circles with the name The Rusty Ball.

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I tend to avoid adding people that share photographs that are not their own. Though a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture without words usually leaves me wanting more. I like to know a little about the photograph, especially where it was taken.

I'm not crazy about all the cute graphics meant to grab +1s as I see it as spam. Some is okay but if that's all you do, I probably won't add you.

I'll just briefly mention that I have lupus. I use to spread a lot of information about Lupus and I am thinking about starting to do that again. It is not a rare disease but it seems many do not know about it.
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In the eye of Haiyan and survived.
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Downtown Cebu City -- Even Walking to 7-Eleven is an Adventure

Downtown Cebu City is a fun place to visit. All kinds of people in this area. Some well off, some in dire straights creates a unique Philipp

i like going to public parks in the Philippines. Every town has at least one. I say every but that is an exaggeration I'm sure. Every town I've bee to has a town plaza. I've been to the Batayan town plaza several times. It is well kept, has a nice garden and there are always friendly people there. Most of the time there isn't a lot of activity. Just a place to sit and watch the Filipinos and learn about their culture through observance. And it provides a splendid opportunity for one of my favorite past time which is "girl" watching. Usually there are children that are curious about me and they are delightful. I have taken some interesting pictures of children in that park. Across the street from the plaza is a very old and historic Catholic church. I love to visit it and take pictures. I've seen different dates but it appears to be over 400 years old. Its too bad I can't include a picture here. It seems like an option for that should be included for the reviews. The plaza is not the main attraction though. Bantayan Island is famous for its white sand beaches and I hope to return for a visit before long.
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