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Life, is what you make of it....
Life, is what you make of it....

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MPs appear to be so far out of touch with modern times its not even funny.
While I agree on principle that disclaimers create enormous amount of paper waste and that the culture of "printing everything" is still a dire norm (I exclude myself from that culture!). Creating hyperlinks to attachments or websites is only going to increase the potential opportunity to create mischief via clickable links. Exchange mailbox capacities would also be flooded very quickly.

Would it not be more simple for homepages to host the disclaimer and the email footer to say For more information visit the website ?

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My rant against anti IT people in the light of the recent case with NATs
IT people will know from experience that an error that hasn't been seen before is a worst case scenario. The fact NATs had the system up and running again in 45 minutes having found the erroneous code and fixed it is credit to the development and support staff in the organisation.

Criticising the Top dog for his bonus and pay, which is deemed unacceptable in the light of the event that happened is heading down a slippery slope.
IT experts are not appreciated enough in examples like this and people who are not technically savvy are too eager to blame systems with little or no understanding of complexities surrounding the infrastructure.

If people want to be totally confident nothing will go wrong, ever, you're asking for an application that has never been seen before.
Go back to pen and paper I hear you cry. Really? And how efficient and open to human error is that?


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My favourites taken on the day! #letour2014  - Cote de Holme Moss
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Anyone noticed a bug in 4.4 where if you remove widgets from the Home screen it causes the launcher to fail/crash?
Is this fixed in the latest 4.4 rollout?

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I have received some disturbing news today regarding the location shown below. A woman has been mugged, punched and pushed to the ground along this beautiful part of New Mills. I don't know the person, but I hope she makes a speedy recovery and can once again walk along this beautiful scenic route.
I don't have details yet on the description of the attacker, as soon as I do, I'll link it to this post.
A notice to you all, be alert, and report anything you feel out of ordinary, or suspicious along this trail. It is used by many people who walk their dogs, ride their horses, walk with their families and children, daily. Let's hope this senseless attack is a one off and that the perpetrator is soon caught.

Are there any Nexus 4 owners still wait for version 7 of Google Maps?
Can't believe I'm still waiting for the update on the Play Store for mine (UK)
I know I could just side load the apk, I'm just curious why it's taken so long to appear. Have heard lots of other UK users got it pretty much a day or so after it was released via the Play Store too

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I say good on the a check out staff! Company policy or not. The call should have been ended before getting to the checkout. Simple basic communication etiquette would have been polite here.

Just hope the staff kept their job.

PS How is this news? Because it was in London?

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Simply put. "Yes, you should"

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Bon Voyage! I shall be reading with interest!
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