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All New Live Nude Poems!
My wife and I, the poet Heather Sullivan, are changing Live Nude Poems. Instead of my inconsistent postings about poetry and its concerns, we've decided to  refocus LNP on other poets and their work.  Another poetry journal, yes, powered by Blogger, the kin...

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Originally published in Copper Nickel , this is a fascinating short article by Robert Archambeau about poetry wars and poetry politics: who is accepted and why. Well worth the short time it will take to read. 1. This is not a how-to guide It isn’t quite a ...

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Poem Draft
Barricade You used the car door to
avoid the rocks the brothers threw at you,
thuds echoing in my head, but you never
reached for the billy club always next
to the driver side door, wedged beside
the seat on the floor while the moon
swelled above like a fat...

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NaPoWriMo Draft
Country Bullshit Childhood written after hearing off-mic news announcers make fun of some people I could know for Joe and Kim Raccoons in the backyard tipping over the garbage like homeless fat men, the dance of dandelion pollen blowing over the hayfields, ...

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Another NaPo Draft
And this one is really drafty. Somehow I'm invoking God in these last few poems, and I don't normally think in those terms, because I'll wither if I do. Anyway. Signs The last time I used a chainsaw was 30 years ago while refurbishing a cemetery abandoned f...

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Another NaPo Sample Draft
Jesus in the Ghost Room Talks with the Father Jesus fills the cancer room with stuttering ghosts. It's something about salvation; if you don't achieve it you can never speak afterward so all these spirits float around and manifest themselves as balls of lig...

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NaPo 2015 Sample Poem
I've decided not to post all my NaPo poems here, just some. Especially since folks have shown interest in publishing some of them later on I feel like I should just make them disappear from here. Anyway, here for a couple days at least: This Far Just once I...

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First Poem for NaPo 2015
Fire I've not much to say about fire, not much more than will appear in this short form. I remember fire early on in my life. the way the metal screen on the fireplace popped with sparks like the flame from the Zippo my father used to light his Viceroys. I ...
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