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The reason that Wardynski is rewriting history is that he sees his power crumbling.

He sees parents coming together in Huntsville United to question him.

He sees students standing up to his arbitrary decisions to replace effective coaches.

He sees teachers joining together in the Huntsville Education Association to stand up to his personally devised and unfair “ineffective teachers” list that Wardynski admitted under oath that he had developed entirely on his own because, you know, he knows so much about what effective teaching and effective leadership looks like.

Leadership and education require truth, and Wardynski cannot rewrite that.

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If you're interested in my presentation on Huntsville City Schools since 2011, here ya go.

In order to truly make our city and school system "better than it has ever been," we have to do more than just offer PR spin. We have to face the truth and work to make it great again. It's my hope that this will help that process.

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In February and March of this year, two brave parents stood up and spoke out on behalf of our kids. Here are their remarks and responses. 

Thank you Mark Binner and Lisa Schrimsher for speaking out. 

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Pearson Curriculum: $18,760,902.90 for 6 years or $3,126,817.15 per year.
HP Computers: $10,624,000.00 for 3 years or $3,541,333.33 per year.
Lenovo Computers: $16,366,000.00 for 3 years or $5,455,333.33 per year
iPads: $2,018,940.00 for 6 years or $336,490.00 per year.
Total Digital Curriculum Costs: $47,769,842.90 or $7,961,640.48 per year.
Total Printed Curriculum Costs (Ferrell’s Estimate): $23,500,000 or $3,916,667 per year.

The digital curriculum costs at least twice as much as the printed curriculum. 
Ms. Ferrell, as is typical, needs to recheck her numbers.

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The success of the protest about the scheduling at Grissom and Huntsville Highs shows that protest matters. 

If you are a student concerned about your school’s direction, share your concerns below.

If you are a parent who believes that parental involvement should mean more than just smiling and nodding yes as the board seems to always be doing, share your voice below.

If you are a teacher, currently employed, retired, or one who has recently left to go to a district that actually values you, share your experiences below.

If we speak out, they will hear us. Feel free to use this site (or any other you wish to use) to make your voice heard.

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Dr. Wardynski, you are an uninformed bully seeking to punish and scapegoat anyone who doesn’t simply say “yes sir” to you.

To you, in the name of my son who at 10 is ten times the man you could ever hope to be, I say, no sir.

No sir, you are not right about having made our district more "efficient."

No sir, you are not right about having made our district a good place to seek employment.

No sir, you are not right about the IDEA 2004 law that protects my son from thieves and bullies like yourself who seek to steal his right to an education just because you don't believe he should receive one.

No sir, you are not right about our kids causing our other kids to suffer.

No sir, you will not bully my son or the thousands like him who are pursuing their education in spite of the obstacles and hatred you're putting in their way.

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With OmniFund, the district plans to "monitor all donations and where they’re going. So it gives us another tool to more easily comply with the consent order. And so from there, you can go in and see what donations are being given to what schools therefore being able to make sure that that’s equitable throughout the district." 

Oh, and they'll also deduct 7.5% from every donation made to a program, classroom, school, or to the district as a whole.

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Huntsville Council of PTAs responds to the request for financial records. They are splitting the baby here. 

I would still encourage local PTAs to decline any requests for any financial information from the central office. I would further ensure that the school principals receive only the financial reports that are available to any member of the PTA. Wardynski, Taylor and McCaulley are not requesting this information to ensure “compliance and transparency.” They are requesting this financial information for their own political gain.

And their gain is, sadly, our children’s loss.

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Laurie McCaulley has known of the State's Financial Procedures since at least 2007. As such, why is she just now calling the city's PTAs into "transparency and compliance?" 

This request has nothing to do with transparency nor compliance. Our PTAs have been far more transparent than our board has been. Our PTAs are in compliance at the present time. 

There is no reason for our PTAs to submit their financials to Dr. Wardynski and Mr. Taylor. Just say no.

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Yes, Ms. McCaulley, this is both intrusive and invasive. And it is not required for compliance nor transparency. The ALSDE Financial Procedures document makes that abundantly clear once we read it.

I would highly suggest and advise that the district do just that and then leave the PTAs alone to do the work they've been doing so well for years.
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