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  • Greenville Technical College
    Graphic Arts, present
  • The Unreasonable Garden
    Making The World A Better Place, present
  • Grantham University
    Computer Science, 2005 - 2007
    A.S. Computer Science
  • South Carolina Governor's School For The Arts & Humanities
    Creative Writing, 1989 - 1989
    Creative Writing summer program at the College of Charleston (before full term Governor's School for the Arts was built)
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    Me, 1971 - present
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Greer, SC
Roanoke Rapids, NC - Greenville, SC - Liberty, SC - Goldsboro, NC - Belize City, Belize - Perry, GA
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Russell Tripp

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Simulated "Old School" Stop Motion

Stop Motion Thank You Card designed and animated with Adobe Illusrator and Adobe After Effects. This is my first attempt to create an "old-school" stop motion effect.

The music is "Distant thunder, Sunday morning" by Springtide, from the album "This is the End" available at

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Russell Tripp

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+Ben Riddle is an amazing young man. We're lucky to have him here and I'm certainly glad he decided to stick around. Each of the few times we've been fortunate enough to work together I've come away more impressed (which is saying something in itself, as I was quite impressed the first time I met Ben back in his high school days).
When Ben Riddle decided to keep his tech skills in South Carolina, everyone benefited.
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We follow his coattails. 
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Russell Tripp

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I've seen a few posts about the fluoride study in the Lancet. I did a little research - pulling up the actual paper (and holding my nose when I saw it was being shared via Elsevier) and then looking up the meta-study of Fluoride that it's based on - a paper by Anna L. Choi, Guifan Sun, Ying Zhang, and Philippe Grandjean (the latter being one of the authors of the Lancet paper), published in "Environmental Health Perspectives".

That paper is a meta-analysis of 27 other papers, most of which are studies of areas in China where there are high levels of fluoride due to burning high-fluoride coal. The control areas tend to be wood-burning.

This means:

1. They're exposed to at least as much airborne fluorine, including airborne hydrogen fluoride, as in the water.

2. There are also higher levels of other toxic chemicals in the study area (one study mentions arsenic specifically).

3. The fluorine levels even in the water are excessive, and in some papers it's noted the control areas have similar levels to western areas that fluoridate the water.

So the applicability of most of these studies, and thus the meta-study, to dental fluoridation is doubtful at best. The meta-analysis explicitly didn't consider these issues (the Choi/Sun... paper lists the criteria they used), so I certainly wouldn't consider it to have isolated the effect of fluorine from all the other factors involved.
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Russell Tripp

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Russell Tripp

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+Steven Brent This made me think of your (mysterious) game...

Extra Credits - The Waiting Game - Why Weird Game…:
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My game might not be as weird as it seems. I just need to get better at communicating :-)
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Russell Tripp

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OK. My new favorite version, I think.
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At least their taxes are well invested!
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Russell Tripp

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I'm so proud of +Brian Tripp , not just for the talent he's shaping into skill, but for the bravery (much more than I had at his age) to put it on display for the world.

That kid is awesome. :)
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Russell Tripp

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Quotable - Ernest Hemingway, born 21 July 1899, died 2 July 1961
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Russell Tripp

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Remember back when it didn't matter what the content was, webpages got the same priority and open access as every other page on the internet? When the internet was the best example of a democracy there was? Every page was free and equal?

We're about to lose that forever.
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Russell Tripp

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Raises some excellent points and concerns I hadn't even begun to consider.
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Aaaand...that should be a rap. Biometric authentication should be absolved. 
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Russell Tripp

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My first Photo I assignment. "Motion Arrested"

Photography I class assignment. Illustrate arrested motion using high shutter speed.
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All digital now. No chemicals - unless you count printer ink/toner I guess.
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The folks at Homeland Secure IT have helped me out twice now with "impossible" laptop repair situations. Great service, great rates, great people. I'd go to them again in an instant with any of my tech support needs.
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