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Lol. Thank god for my unlimited data grandfather plan. I foresee many more articles like this in the coming weeks. Not just from Brazil but right here in the good old US.

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This is shaping up to be pretty good. Glad I backed it.
Robert Hirschboeck sounds like an awesome guy. Reprising his role as Henry Stauf is one of the things that will make this game a perfect Prequel. :)

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Wow! More nasty Microsoft Malware OS behavior. Now its uninstalling programs it decided it didn't like, without warning. Completely Insane.

Microsoft can go to hell with their Windows 10.

#Windows10 #Anticonsumer  

Finally got around to play Captain Toad's Treasure tracker. Just when I cleared the first chapter I was greeted with a second. Then a Third. And finally a bonus.
Was quite surprised with the amount of content in this game for the price. Awesome. stuff. And the difficulty ramped up just right.

By the third Chapter I was frustrated on more than one occasion, but only 1 or 2 were maddening to the point of finding a walk-through.
Well done Nintendo, well Done. :)

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If you are a fan of the 13th Guest be sure to back this prequel. It looks to be a great project made by solid fans of the original.
Also, it has been confirmed that Robert Hirschboeck will reprise the role of Stauf!.

It has reached funding but stretch goals are still important.

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Did you guys see this new Paypal agreement coming up?
Even after their decided 'change' because of the uproar, it looks like you will need to call them and request to be opted out.?!
Looks like I might be closing my Paypal account. Nothing worse than a company that demands you jump through hoops to not be harassed.

#paypal #badpolices  

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Interesting but I'll stick to Original GBA SP or my DS.

I suppose if you don't have one of those this might be an option but I think a decent refurb of an SP can be had for a similar price.

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Looks like  Microtransactions bring along the hackers to defeat them. Hope this reminds Nintendo why they should just stick with full deal games. One cost and done.

They really don't need to pander to this slimy type of game design.


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Awesome news for Good Old Games!
Grabbed me Fear Platinum Edition for $4.99 :)

#LovetheGOG #GOG  

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Fish and Cool Sunset shots
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