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This is another one of those trolley bridges underneath the Boston & Maine on the former Saratoga Springs & Schenectady. This one was buried also, but has been dug up because they needed to work on the highway bridge next to it. I don't know what will happen to the trolley bridges afterwards. They'll probably get re-buried.
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Was that an Inter-Urban? I remember seeing one during a trip to Boston, back when Radio Shack was still based in the area, and so forth, and so on.....
Yes. The interurban network was quite extensive. You could ride nearly all the way from Boston to Chicago on electric trains. Then cars got cheap and their ridership went away. Took about 16 years to build out the trolley network, and only 16 years to dismantle most of it. Some cities held out until the 50's, 70's or still even have their network, like New Orleans.
That's what I thought. There are signs that the Route 1 bus in Westchester County was one. The route it follows stretches from White Plains and runs all the way to the 1 subway stop in Riverdale. I've often wondered why NJ Transit persists in calling the light rail service they have what it really is a tram service, or even exactly what we are discussing.
"Light rail" is the modern name for a trolley or tram.
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