First, I programmed in machine language. 0 means and, 1 means add, 2 means increment and skip if zero, 3 means store, 4 means jump to subroutine, 5 means jump, 6 means I/O, and 7 is a bunch of math operations.

Next, I programmed in assembly language, and a robot translated it into machine language for me.

Next, I programmed in C, and a robot translated it into assembly language for me. Mostly I could do a better job than it could, but my time was better spent programming in C.

Next, I programmed in Python, and a robot ran the programs for me. I could have turned the Python into C, but that would have been too much work, so I let the robot just run the programs.

People think I should be scared that a robot will take my job.

I'm not. A robot has always taken my job. Robot, come take my job so that I can get more valuable things done.
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