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nbnvy: noun - a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by the realisation you are never getting fibre broadband where you live

#nbn   #broadband   #fibre   #fiber  

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If you are a software developer, you should watch this from beginning to end.

If you are not a software developer, you should watch the first few minutes and the last five minutes. (Or watch it all if you want the full experience :)

I stumbled on this while doing some reading on ideas of current interest to me and I am so glad I did. I just kept finding myself thinking "Yes! This!" I believe I mentioned publicly somewhere recently that I had been reading an essay written in 1992 about the history of Smalltalk by one of its inventors; the number of tie-ins and call-backs between this presentation and that essay was pretty astounding. The message is there if we wish to hear it.

I recently started using doubleTwist (3.1.2 (11040)) with Airsync to sync iTunes (11.3(54)) library from my MacBook Air (10.9.4) to my HTC One 801s

Sync is working well, so far as getting the files on to the phone, I have created a single playlist in iTunes which I imported into doubleTwist to select which files to sync.

The problem that I have is that play counts and last played data aren't making it back into my iTunes library.  I have looked at all the help pages and done a few searches and can't find any info on this problem.

Have you ever noticed that in web imagery network clouds are generally depicted as symmetrical where as compute clouds usually have a flat bottom... Hmmm. I think there is something in that for all of us. #cloud #CloudComputing #Network
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