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Hey Guys,

So i'm going to have an AMA to finish the day like we did last time. However i'm offering my services to be a +1 on anyones talk if they want someone to stand at the front and attempt to add value. Let me know :)

See you all tomorrow

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Tip of the Week: Extend your measurement with +Google Drive
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

Sometimes we need tools to complement Google Analytics, either for data collection, analysis, visualization or reporting. And a great way to do it is to integrate Google Analytics with Google Drive using Google Apps Script. Below are a few Script tutorials that will help you do just that:

1. Automating reporting on Google Spreadsheets:
2. Visualizing data on Google Fusion Tables:
3. Using Google Forms to measure offline interactions:
4. Measuring email opens on Gmail:

Happy analyzing!

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Happy Star Wars Tuesday !

May the GIF be with YOU!

[Photo Gif Credit: youthewhoa via graphism]
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Would need to understand what you guys hold for each visit/user 
Hi all, 

We have some dev time pencilled in to look at the Measurement Protocol in Universal and see what is possible from a call tracking perspective (e.g. transaction data).

The developers have completed a 'typical' integration option for Universal like we do for normal GA, but we want to offer more.

Obviously the protocol gives much more potential so I though the most qualified place to ask for any ideas / features / requests/ general feedback would be with you kind people :-)

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So so true! 
Yes, you should worship at the alter of Mr. Tufte and do your very best, your damnedest hardest best, to create magnificent visualizations.
Reality is, day in and day out you have to use Excel. Good old, trusty, Excel. And while Gurus/Experts/Pontificators will cringe, Excel can work just fine for your day to day work.

In one simple animated gif, everything you need to know to awesomize your Excel charts. Learn. Make yours useful.

PS: If Google+ is acting werid, please see: or click on the image below to see it in the full screen version.
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Hey Guys, I'll be speaking about Attribution. What type of models there are, how they work in the business environment with some examples.

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NEW BLOG POST - "Gamification - dont play with me"


New Post: "Your social life sucks!"

You have an amazing website, your customers love your product and you’re looking to expand your customer base. You know your target audience and you think social is the way to go. You sign up to twitbook+ and create a business account. You start people following and liking your account as your product is awesome.

And then you go and ruin it all by spamming them with your offers and pricing!!

It’s very important when running your social campaign to understand what you want from it and even more what your customers want from you. They are the social aspect, you are media. You have a new product/offer advertise it… but do it in a social way – ask for comments, reviews. Your potential customers will use your feeds as a insight into the company – do they know their product?, do they know what their customer wants? This only makes up a small part of your social strategy…but its the most important part to the customer. Interaction between companies and the clients has never been easier.Use…dont misuse!

Use it
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