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Russell Jensen

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Does anyone use Google Plus anymore? Like, I mean +1, if you do.
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+1'd because I just felt sooo sad and nostalgic :/
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Russell Jensen

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I can hear myself saying these quotes.
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Russell Jensen

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10 Easy Steps to Crafting a Successful Content Strategy

Former United States Senator, businessman and lawyer, Rick Santorum was quoted as saying, “In the pursuit of bottom line profits in exchange for producing content, distributing that content and marketing that content to inappropriate audiences, that's a problem for me.” This statement is an excellent analysis of a successful online #ContentMarketingStrategy.

One could also compare it to the age-old philosophy, if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a noise? If you put content out on the internet and no one is reading it, does it really matter?

So how can we create an effective content marketing strategy and get the enormous online audience to connect with our material? Here are some words of wisdom for creating, launching and succeeding with this endeavor:

Read it all here:

#infographic  courtesy of: Demandmedia

#contentmarketing   #contentmarketingtips   #contentstrategy  
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Russell Jensen

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Does anyone have experience doing a successful local marketing campaign with a mid-sized business, like Lexington Law? And have you found a way to compete in search results on a local level in Google, Yahoo and Bing? #localmarketing   #localmarketingstrategy    #localseo  
Local marketing seems to be catching on more and more. Search engine results are, seemingly, favoring brick and mortar locations more and more as opposed to national listings. And according to a study by Balihoo: 66% of ...
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Russell Jensen

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Google Trends has been updated! YouTube insights seem promising and the broken down categories may have some potential.
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Russell Jensen

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AMP question: Does AMP need to be on an entire site to get ranking benefits? Or can we roll it out one page at a time and see the improvements just for that page apart from the rest of the site? Here is the original client's question:

"Does the entire site experience need to be AMP or can the user navigate from the AMP pages without loosing the ranking preference of AMP?"
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Basically AMP will soon roll out to other sectors, recipes, anything that would add value to the user seeing AMP pages.

I wouldn't expect to see a ranking boost in standard SERPs, the benefit right now is the carousel. 

If you have a number of questions on AMP then head over to Google's webmaster forum, there's now an AMP section to post in to which is monitored by Googlers and others familiar with AMP.
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Russell Jensen

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Full search query data coming to the Google Webmaster Tools API in the upcoming quarter says Google's +John Mueller 
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Russell Jensen

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How to influence people in the workplace: "It’s fine if Tom from IT is on board but if Tom’s manager isn’t, how he spends his time isn’t going to change and you likely aren’t going to get what you need done."

Great read!
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Russell Jensen

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How do I become a part of this Hyperloop!?
The direct public offering is planned for the third quarter of 2015, and the $100 million will be put toward developing a usable prototype.
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Russell Jensen

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Will Google implement infinite scrolling in search results? +John Mueller I was scrolling through articles on LinkedIn's Pulse and found myself scrolling through 50 or so articles because of their infinite scroll feature. Why not do this with Google's search results? There is a lot of information burried in deep pages and it would make sense to me as a searcher not to have to click on the "2" "3" ""4" and so on, in the pagination list. Any thoughts on this?

#searchengine   #googlesearchresults  
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I think we've run a few experiments like that over the years. These things are never completely out of the question, I imagine we'll test variations over the years, but we need to make sure they're fast enough and that users are able to interact with them appropriately. 
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Russell Jensen

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Private Blog Network Extortion

I got an email today from an SEO who received a penalty on his site that he's fairly certain is the result of engaging in a PBN. Trouble is, when he asked the PBN owner to remove the links, there was an extortion request for a huge amount of money. Now he's worried that disavowing alone won't work, but can't afford to pay to have the links removed.

Granted, it's a bad idea to start a relationship with a private blog network in the first place, but the extortion tactic really pisses me off. I wish our industry didn't have this crap (and I also wish Google's penalization system didn't enable it).

My advice was to send a reconsideration request to Google alongside the disavow explaining what happened, admitting guilt, sharing details about the PBN, and hoping for clemency. What do y'all think?
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Took some people out for a ride on the tuned ORI RZR struts at Five Mile Pass in Utah. All the girls called it the "fun" rzr and the other RZRs were too bumpy. Other people said "the struts made all the difference". People were amazed by the performance, as am I!
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It's clean and new feeling but it needs to be bigger. Way too crowded in the evenings.
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