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Yes. Please let this be a thing that happens soon.
My first glance at prescription +Google Glass

I noticed something off when fellow Googler, +Cody Sumter, walked by my desk en route to his (he sits behind me). Prescription Glass!

He was gracious enough to let me nab a few photos of his very handsome pair of intelligent eyewear and I wanted to share with you here. The titanium frame plays off beautifully against the white Glass housing.
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I'm just going to go ahead and throw my money at the screen now.
Not too shabby looking, either.
really great looking - i would do this with non prescription just to feel more comfortable wearing glass in public :)
the alignment of the Glass screen is to low. It appears the Glass screen is in the line of sight. It should be above the frame of the glasses.
Unless you're far-sighted and need the lens to focus the image from the prism.
+Will Keaney good point, I think. I am far-sighted and Glass is in focus for me. Near-sighted is the challenge, as I understand it. 
I would not want the Glass screen in my line of sight. +Russell Holly Yes, to each thine own. In any case I can't wait for a version that supports Rx lens
I will happily beta test these!
Hi everyone, thanks for the awesome feedback! We're excited about prescription Glass, and we know many of you are asking when they'll be available. They're not ready just yet, but we'll let you know as soon as they are. Stay tuned. :) 
I like that they appear to be removable.
Wondering if someone got in trouble for sharing the photos. They gone.
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