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This is the list of phones +OnePlus will accept you smashing in order to get a $1 phone from them. The original HTC One is on there twice for whatever reason, but many of these phones have sealed backs so you can't remove the battery before smashing it. Remember this guy? Samsung Galaxy S5 Hammer Smash Fail = Battery Explosion

Every one of these phones could be sold on +Swappa for a fair bit of coin, or donated to Cell Phones for Soldiers (, or even just left plugged in somewhere in your house running HTC's Power To Give service ( 
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Damn, no nexus 4? I have a broken one. 
dumb contest, seriously. they could have done it in a different way, like a trade in, this is just dumb and dangerous. 
I have Nexus 4 that got ran over by a forklift truck :/
What a waste. BestBuy and Futureshop here in Canada have trade in for store credit deals for your unused phones.
I'd honestly rather just pay with money as opposed to this stupidity, though. 
The three alternatives are much better solutions for your old devices.  I get the contest, I get the idea but in reality there are just so many better things that can be done with old technology (or unwanted).  
So I can't even smash my Nexus S 4G? Who's behind their marketing? 
Maybe some of the blogs that do those silly drop tests and such should donate those phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers instead of busting up perfectly good phones for clicks (and maybe people should stop clicking on those stupid drop tests). 
While I don't agree with +OnePlus 's equally silly "smashing" have to admit, you can't cure stupid. 
I hadn't heard of HTC's Power To Give, that's a really cool concept. Sadly, I don't have a compatible device.
Can not say how much I appreciate you posting this. 
So in reality you're actually paying more for the One+ One then. Cuz if these were bought unlocked and you smash the in order to get a free One...jus sayin...the math suggests that I just wait and buy one. 
You realize everytime you talk about this you're just helping them right? The people dumb enough to do it are going to do it regardless. It's free publicity for OnePlus. 
Dear +OnePlus 

How about you cancel this public display of stupidity and instead give out invites to people donating phones (any working phone) to the charities mentioned by +Russell Holly? 
How could oneplus one could replace Z types or even any of those phone on the list?? If i destroy one of my Z and get Oneplus phone then sell it to get a high price to replace my expenses on destroying my Z i would do that.
+Matt Lyons while true, I've clearly demonstrated in the comments here and on Twitter that I am also exposing people to net charities and HTC's charity service. If I break even against the stupid, I'm ok with that. 
What the freak? Do not compare that cheap phone to xperia Z series? Xperia Z and iphone 5 series have the best materials for smartphone! 
All this for an unproven, $299, 16GB device.

+OnePlus is creating a bunch of mindless sheep.
Guys its simple... Destroy your $800 phone and pay $1 for the OPO before anyone gets their hands on it... Then you sell the OPO to someone for $1000 and make a $199 profit and then use that money to get into contract on a new smartphone... How nobody else sees this logic is beyond me!! 😒
Why didn't they just go all out and not only make it smash your phone but also record yourself doing it in front of someone who got laid off? 
I'm sure there's a video of the smash at the BBQ lol
I'm just gonna buy one of these phones just to smash it and get a free oneplus one
I have a G2 but I'm afraid if I smash it itll get denied or this phones still awesome lol
Guys! Calm down! You don't have to smash your phone in order to get a oneplus one! To POSSIBLY get a free one you can smash your phone...I don't think they intended everyone with a phone to smash theirs! 
I'd rather buy one from them and then sell my moto x. Too bad no 1700 band for tmo though :(
This is a dumb idea - I would much rather give away my phones to someone that can use it than creating more landfill - this is not just dangerous, its ecologically unfriendly and smacks of a first-world 'up yours'
Who would downgrade from a HTC M8, iPhone 5s, or Gs5 to a 1+One? Ughh
I really hope people don't smash there phones for a chance to get a new one.  It only cost $299.00 just buy one when they come out if you want one that bad.  
CJ Ciesla
At this point I wouldn't want the phone. Can you imagine? Any time you were out and about and happened upon another enthusiast you'd be asked, "So are you one of those idiots that smashed your phone?" Ish.
This is the differences guys... one plus one It's a local phone. 
+Ryan Crowe hahaha well thats something..

+the1dynasty this phone specs even not touch $1000. How could i sell it like that? No live units to get a hand of its performance or tech should make everyone thinks twice before smashing old phone who accompany them before.
+Kurt Whiteley at $350 there's going to be shortcomings, and I for one am not going to smash a $600+ just to find out. Lol plus I don't see anything special with the phone other than the price. 
It might be even more dangerous breaking the Sony phones. Glass on both sides to cut your face if the phone blows up
+Elias Ortega I agree...I wouldn't either, however I'm just saying it's not downgrading. The price is was makes everything has almost the exact specs of $700 flagships!
what is +OnePlus trying to prove with such campaign?!?! I would not even smash my Nokia 6210.... I like the phone but their PR is lame...
I think even IBM has a distributed computing app for Android. 
So lets see S3 clean will sell.for US equivalent of 320$, S4 for 380$, G2 for 380$, note2 for 300$... so on
Why would i smash a thing that cost more than the unknown brand that just launched, and yet to release.
You and 2 people who plus 1 you need to come down as all 3 of you are high enough to think one+ is 800$ phone, or that tjis post is about oppo.
No one else has mentioned it so I guess I will: why isn't the OnePlus itself on the list :)
i have one grand-grandfather of android phone, Nexus one. Please smash it :-D
This is just plain stupid!
Old phones running android become home surveillance devices. It's far to easy to use as a streaming camera, and being a computer it can use motion sensors and email me per camera. Screw smashing phones. Dumbest way to waste ~$200 ever. I'll just buy the damn phone for $300 bucks.
1+what?? They're not even a legit and stable company. Now they want you to smash your phone to get their unknown phone for a dollar??? Go home 1+1 you're drunk. 
I'm signed up, picked nail gun/saws-all/fire as destruction method...
How does this company expect to be taken seriously when their Marketing/PR efforts thus far appear to be handled by a 15-year-old?  
Or u could sell your s5, but the OPO, and make a $350 profit. Simple math guys. It's not worth smashing a perfectly good phone. 
Please shut up with this donation and charity crap. Sick and tired of people complaining about this contest, as if it is inhuman. Nobody is forcing you to smash your damn phone. 

Don't like it, simple. Stop talking about it. Last time I checked, I don't see mass amounts of people on here donating their phone or selling it for charities. GROW UP and GET REAL. 
Like hell I'm gonna smash my One Max.
And just like that along with the invite system and the lies, I am done with +OnePlus and the BS. Who the hell would smash a 700+ phone for a 300 dollar phone? Fucking stupid. 
+Russell Holly Highly doubt you do all this charity work yourself. Oh look, you were google glass? Why didn't you spend that 1.5k on a charity, or feeding the poor? 
Make sure to read all the fine print before going all Cro-Magnon:

"OnePlus One. OnePlus is not liable for any damage or injury incurred to the smasher, surrounding persons or any equipment used during the shooting of each smash video."

"The applicant must show that their phone does turn on and use the phone that was chosen by the applicant in their initial application."

"OnePlus reserves the right to disqualify any video submission for any reason, in its sole and absolute discretion. OnePlus is not liable for any damage done to phones that are damaged in disqualified videos."
+Russell Holly "

Charity is sort of beside the point when you could contribute time for a just cause; I'm sure I can name off the top of my head a handful of organisations that I've spent time on or am planning to spend time on. Mobile phones don't exactly make the cut when it comes down to the criteria of a lot of charitable work."
+Pedro Peguero Jr. I've donated four phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, and currently have three phones in my house right now running HTC's Power To Give. My family helped start a Deaf/Blind church in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Maryland, which I've been directly involved in several times. You really want to go down this road with me? I guarantee you'll lose. 
+Russell Holly And what does that make you man? A good person? Last time I checked, doing such actions doesn't make you special or have "authority" over a certain situation regarding this contest.

Your opinion is just as entitled to mine. 
+Pedro Peguero Jr.  I don't remember saying my opinion was better or more authoritative than yours, and I'm not looking for a pat on the back. You challenged me. I just told you to pipe down. Seriously, my nap time is valuable to me. 
+Pedro Peguero Jr. I think you underestimate how much goes to charity. The previous place I used to work at collected phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers that people didn't need anymore when they upgraded. EVERY SINGLE STORE. Which equated to about 500+ stores. Guess how many phones that was on a monthly basis? I was a big fan of the program and told each and every customer about it.

I also tell every everyone I know about it on a daily basis where I currently work. You Sir, are wrong. 
Russell... I love you...don't feed the haters. We know they're jealous. Seriously anyone that makes unproductive comments on ones status doesn't make them worth the energy to refute. 
+Russell Holly Hey, you made a public post on Google+ so that anyone can reply on. I don't agree with you. I'm not going to "pipe down" when I believe something is being looked at from a different perspective. Don't like my opinion? Fine. Move on and take your nap. Nobody is telling you to read everything I say.
+Chetan Takyar It's more in reference to the usual lack of experience and over-eagerness to shoot themselves in the foot. 
Stupid why would I smash up my phone to get their phone? Just put it out for the world and let it compete
haven't read the could also easily sell your phone and make 4-500 bucks and then buy the One+ and make money on it.
Blocked people pipe down way better than non-blocked people. 

You want to disagree with me? Fine, but be nice about it. 
I agree, this is a stupid promotion. Why waste those great phones if still operational? Silly!!!
I guess people don't understand the theory of PR....people whether they like the idea of smashing or think its the stupidest thing ever...are in fact talking about it and that is the whole point. Nicely done +OnePlus and I wish them the best of luck with this and future endeavors. 
they should make an ad that is "BUY 1 GET 1 FREE" that matches their company name, NOT by smashing your phone and get their unknown phone for a dollar. Seriously this is stupidity.
I'm so going to destroy my $700 iPhone 5s for the $1 +PlusOne. The reviews of the +PlusOne seem to be good but perhaps they need to reengineer their CMO?
Dang, I have a semi-bricked N4 (which is not on the list).  But, I still wouldn't smash a perfectly good phone (maybe +OPPO  should think about donating these devices - as opposed to destroying).
I'll be donating a couple of the phones on this list to cell phones for soldiers, and still not buying a OnePlus One. Thanks. 
Dumb idea. You could sale a lot of these are buy the OPO and still have money leftover. 
After reading the terms of this "give away", you're just dumb if you do this. and shame on +OnePlus for even thinking this is a good idea......

General Conditions
Applicants may apply to break or damage their current phone. If selected and notified by the OnePlus team, the applicant will submit a video of themselves breaking their phone. If the video submission is deemed acceptable by the OnePlus team, based on the official guidelines, we will send the applicant a code to purchase the OnePlus One for $1.00, tax and extra charges not included.

they still have the right to NOT chose your video and you'll be destroying a phone for no reason.

Video Submission Guidelines

All submitted videos must be shot in one frame with no cutting or editing. The applicant must show that their phone does turn on and use the phone that was chosen by the applicant in their initial application. The phone must suffer significant and visible damage to qualify for the OnePlus One purchase code. The applicant must show evidence of the damage in the video following the smash.

By entering in this contest, applicants agree to OnePlus' use of their first name, country of residence, submitted video and/or application materials for both online and offline direct marketing purposes.

They just want your info for free marketing, just by entering you give up your rights. 

PLEASE DONT DO THIS. It's not worth it. Its harmful to you, your heath, and a waste of a phone that could be worth something to someone if you donated it, sell it, trade, give it to your kid brother or sister. 
+John Rich this is the 100th comment on this post; the CMO should get a bonus...
+Russell Holly your opinion is both better and more authoritative than that nitwit's...
Lmfao. Break my G2 for this?¿?¿ never that.
id  hulk smash my Sony Xperia Z for this phone
I've got an s4 I might be willing to. It's already got a cracked screen. 
I cannot decide if this promotion is the dumbest thing ever, or if it is the most brilliant promotion in history.

On the one hand I think, what idiot would destroy a decent phone to get such a mediocre phone in return. Then I see the rules and list and realize that the way they are written makes this promotion seem just legit enough to get all the tech blog guys posting about it, more than they would about less outrageous promotions. Yet, at the same time, the rules and the list of devices makes it seem that it just may be that whoever thought this up really does not expect anyone to take them up on it.

I have to say, while I am a bit tired of my social media pages being overrun with this the last couple days, I am now fascinated to see how this promotion plays out. 
+Juan Carlos Bagnell Yeah, you may be right, I personally expect we are about to see a bunch of idiots smashing up expensive phones to get a cheap one in return. 
i think samsung galaxy s5 is best.
Brilliant thought about the power to give service. Seriously. Then you could dedicate nearly all of the device's power to a good cause. 
Wait, seriously? I have all of those phones. 
Yeah but if you smash the Z10 what will you use to keep your kitchen table level +frank savino? 
+Russell Holly I ended up on this post by curiosity for the OnePlus One smash project (which I think is moronic), but you just introduced me to the HTC PTG project that I never heard of before and it looks awesome! What is your feedback on this? Did you notice any downside for the phone's health?
Does it exist on iOs and PC?
The iPhone 5s because it's a giant turd. 
+Adrien Pierret I haven't noticed any downsides yet, but it's only on Android for now. On your PC you could check out SETI@Home
NO!! NOT THE LG G PRO 2!! dont break such a nice phone
Great post, silly marketing gimmick. We should be less wasteful as a society. Companies promoting crap like this give off the wrong signal and shouldn't be taken seriously. 
where do I sign up? and does it have to be a phone I paid for?. can I smash one that I've "found"? 
Forget the smash. Ill just pay the $350. 
Really my gs2 skyrocket was on the list. I'm not willing smash my moto x. 
Yeah right, because the note 3 is only worth 300$ lol
Way to launch a new phone line. Yawn
There are so many better things you could do with an old phone.
I think we've finally found our public enemy.... What a way to get so many enemies in one day... Trolls are trolls... 
besides the smashing the price of 350$ for 64gig is legendary
Hey +OnePlus i hammered my nokia 5110, the hammer broke down... Would you mind if i give you my hammer and you donate your $1 phone to those soldiers? 
The contest is one of the stupidest I've ever seen. They obviously didn't think this through in the least. With that said, I still want the +OnePlus One.
Reading through the comments and can't get my head around the cause of Pedro's anger.

What's wrong with pointing out alternatives to a wasteful fanboyish campaign?

From the specs I've seen, it seems like a nice phone, although I've never been a fan of CM. There's no way I would smash my MotoX to get this phone. I'm not saying my phone is "better"; rather I would feel like a complete douchebag for smashing a working device that could be put to use by someone else.
I've seen blackberry z10's second hand for around $100. It would be worth buying one just to smash it.
So they only want you smashing recent phones that any number of people would love to have. Great.
"I'm sorry to hear your phone broke. I had an unused phone I could give you but I decided to destroy it instead. Next time make better friends."
Shoot, I was willing to smash my Western Electric 500.
I have some of these phones, but I refuse to smash any of them. I'm sorry, I really do want one of those +OnePlus phones, but I just can't stand the thought of ruining a perfectly good handset. I know some people that could get really good use out of them. I love tech too much.

I'd like to try their phone, but I'm not smashing my g2 they have me fucked up. Lol
Top three should be destroyed from this world
This is stupid... All of these devices are $500+ why would I smash it for buying a $300 Chinese phone
Y Ks
I can crush my Motorola v3 though! 
No way I am smashing my M7 for this Crap.... You can take $100 from me and shove this one plus one = zero up your a**es
Better specs then the phone I currently have
Here's a novel construct! Don't smash a phone. Give it to a charity so it can be given to a soldier or a family in a developing nation who could never readily afford a phone, or waste one. 

As a environmentalist, I'm pissed.
Man... i was going to try and smash my old Samsung Exhibit II 4G...
I'm not smashing my Nexus Cinco.
+Pedro Peguero Jr. I have to say... That's right!! I was not sure about how I felt about it, At first i was fine with it but then I felt like I should be ashamed for wanting to do this after I read what other things I could do.. That's not right!

I work hard for my phone in Iceland, they are twice the price here. I bought my first Android 5-6 years ago and I've had to sell my old phone to buy a new one every time I want to upgrade, that's the only way I can have some of the latest Phones. Me giving it or using it for a security camera just isn't worth it... I Need the cash for the next phone.
So my point is not everyone has to be an asshole just because they want to smash their phone for a new one.. Some don't have money to buy 600dollar phones every year, and for me it's about 1600dollars cause I live in Iceland.
Tony S.
Pretty much all of these devices are better than this OneWhatever. Yawn. 
If I win, I will post a video of me sending my old phone to a soldier. ...
I find it funny that people find it hard to smash an old device but love to watch some stupid drop test. 
kyle p
Anyone who does this is a dumb ass.. 
Yeah ok, I'm going to smash my z2 lol
I'm smashing my nexus 5
Keep there phone if this is there marketing policy. Like my nexus to much to smash it up for you're phone guys.
Oneplus is such a loser.
This is an embarrassment +OnePlus. You seem to be encouraging reckless moves.
Then there is no guarantee you'll be the 100 people winning the One. I don't know about this. I rather wait and buy one for myself.
Does this mean smash the phone and get one off contract for $1
+Andre Levasseur you film yourself smashing your phone that is on the list, to be the first 100 to receive the OnePlus One for 1 dollar
The only thing the One Plus One has on some of the phones on this list is a lower price point, making this experiment utterly ridiculous.

Why would I destroy my expensive smartphone just to get a cheaper device with equivalent would I benefit from that?
Sean G
I'd smash an +HTC One m8 for $1 OnePlus. Cuz HTC is pissing me off lately :D
what happen if ur smashing is not good enough. Then what?
ITS NOT A CONTEST. ITS A SWEEPSTAKES... People get this clear. If you have one of these, and WIN and only if you WIN the sweepstakes you are required to film yourself smashing your phone, and get a One plus One for free. 
I was going to use my old droid RAZR but it's not on the list. The screen is already cracked anyway. I'm definitely not smashing my moto x
Note 3 is a way better than that. So is all the Samsung phones
+Dave Mancione for $1. Small difference but some people will over react with a small difference
+Emanuele Zanetti exactly, like offering it as a trade in for money off, then at least they can give it to a charity or something. 
+Alex Hernandez I can't watch those vids, it goes against my nature to watch a brand new phone being wrecked on purpose. So stupid. 
I don't think they are seriously expecting people to go through with this. But they did make their point. One plus one is a flagship killer. 
Disapointed they accept The S3 but not the One X
Its funny how the phone cost $299 yet people will smash their phones for it, its not like a $600+ dollar phone. I'd rather buy and be smart about it.
Should have been ALL iPhones! 
No thanks I'll hold on to my Nexus 5 32 GB...
I really don't approve of their idea of smashing devices that can be used as backups or wiped and given to others or sold. 
Smash a Lumia? Have fun trying to penetrate the layer of Nokium that surrounds it... 
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