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Dear Apple,

The year is 2012. You've released a product that is going to be making headlines around the world for the next month. Nice screen, by the way. I can't wait to test your claim that LTE only shaves an hour off of your battery life. But, I digress...

How is it that you can release such a piece of hardware, but remain in the dark ages when it comes to showing the product off to the people of the world. You don't broadcast your presentation, forcing us to read live blogs from the people you deemed worthy to attend your event. When you finally do release the videos for the product, you force your would-be audience to sacrifice their email address to you so they can install QuickTime to watch the videos.

Guys, do you know when the last time I used QuickTime on purpose was? Never. There's no need for it. Weren't you guys all about HTML5 a little while ago? What, did you decide to crawl back to QuickTime when you realized that Google was going to make damn sure you didn't own the web with H.264? What's the point of this behavior, exactly?

You are often considered one of the greatest technology companies on the planet right now, could you please act like it and stop this foolish behavior? I'd really appreciate it, and I bet you'll find that I am not alone.
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Dear +Russell Holly,
We can't hear you over the sound of our products printing money.

Totally agreed Russell...that's a shame!
I do agree that QT is a big WTF, why not HTML5 that bitch up?
“Only the penitent man may pass.”
Lue G
It's good to know that Apple is moving into a post-pc era....while still using Quicktime
I feel the same about M$ with their silverlight crap..
+Phil Everton I hated Silverlight with a passion until they finally got a Chromebook app working. Now, if you don't know, the Chromebook app is awesome. So I decided to forgive and ignore Silverlight forevermore.
apple sucks balls !! dont buy that shit! google is the NWO
That's a well reasoned response if I've ever seen one.
That combination of arrogance and indifference Apple keeps displaying is the very reason that no matter how shiny their hardware is (and by golly it IS nice and shiny), I will never own an Apple product.
Yeah - I have no idea how they are thinking they are advertising their product if nobody can see it except for those who already has it! How dumb!
Who really thinks the ability to watch the live stream of an Apple product announcement really is enough to sway someone on whether they should buy it or not? C'mon now.
I'm not hating on ya Russ, I think their continued reliance on Quicktime is silly as well, especially since they're the ones that talk about wanting open standards only on the web and pushing HTML5.

I just don't think they CARE about us. They don't care about people that don't like the walled garden, they don't care about people that want Flash, they don't care about people that want to jailbreak their devices, they don't care about people who want to use different apps as their default, they care so little about so many. Why? Because they don't have to, the HUGE majority of consumers loves almost everything they do and can't get enough of it, so we don't matter.

There are so many things I dislike about what Apple does. The most egregious things, the things that are on or crossing the line of being legal, I think are worth talking about and making a stink about.

Everything else? They're too busy counting the money from the 20 sales they just got to care about the 1 they just lost.
I wanted to check out how "amazing" (word was overly used in their announcement today) iPad-3 really is, by going to their disappointment by seeing 'Quick Time requirement' page.
Apple's attitude put me off from buying any of their products (however good it may be)
I quite agree with you +Søren Siim Nielsen
I don't understand Apple. It doesn't appeal to me. I feel like marketing gimmicks, remind me too much of Lady Gaga tactics. It just seems foolish to get sucked into the methods they use to me.
what are you talking about just watch the video on youtube no quicktime required. I use google chrome as my browser and VLC player as my video application.
+Celtaur Theron Apple makes a solid product that trades customization and capability for ease of use and polish. Great marketing helps of course, but at the core they make good stuff. They can also throw around money (and the promise of it) to developers and content partners, meaning customers get their hands on great content and apps.

I mean, I don't personally own any Apple products and don't predict that I will, but it's not difficult to understand why the average consumer is happy to have one as a supplementary device.
I would just like them and flash to finally get along.
+James Pakele you can watch Netflix on Linux, just get the user agent switcher for ff and you can tell Netflix ur on windows... used to work for me anyway.
i agree flash player still needed so many websites use flash today and apple still fights it even though isnt' most of apples site in flash? Just saying
I'll take my Transformer Prime over a dual core Ipad 3 any day.
+Devin Derrickson They build hype to the extreme, and when the product comes out, they start showing sneak peaks of a new product that has a few added features like a better camera, and that creates more hype. It's a clever marketing technique, but it's also a low blow to people's wallets (which is why I haven't bothered with the iPad or iPhone)
Apple's greatest achievement is in marketing and hype building. That being said, it does look good. I never wanted to get an iPad, and the only reason I won't is because in 3 months another one will come out, but this one at least made me think for a second.
I thought iPads were a month apart and found in the personal products section of a drug store...bad me!
They do live stream... also this just in. No company cares about you. Including google. Get over it.
+Devin Derrickson I was a bit too harsh in my comment.

You're right, it is up to the consumer, and Apple is releasing an upgraded product, but it's stuff that could have already been on there in the first place like the HDMI capability and the extra camera on the iPad2. It's not only Apple that does this kind of thing, adding one new feature after the next for each upgrade of the product, but how they do it is pretty noticeable
They could not have done it at the price point +Johnny Dingsdale . Thats the whole point. They are offering these upgrades at the same price or a price in which competitors can not match. So while they could have had HDMI and extra camera on the iPad2 they could not have done it for the same price at that time.
There's nothing wrong with incremental upgrades.
+stephen woloszyn +Russell Holly You two make good points. I am not a huge fan of incremental upgrades, but that's just me. I never thought about the upgrades in that way though. They probably would have been a lot more expensive had they added those features to begin with. I can see the rationale for doing the upgrades that way.
iPad aside, Apple needs to fix their video presence, which was the larger point I was trying to make.
No worries. All kinds of conversations are good :)
Sorry +Russell Holly. Your story is quite interesting, I didn't really know much about this stuff, I hardly use quicktime and when I do, it's by accident and it often doesn't feel like working.
Two Words:
1. Walled.
2. Garden
+J. Arthur Lee I really appreciate your response!I was actually referring to WebM as the technology "from Google".

Authoring movies on the iPad only requires H.264 because Apple says so. That's an entirely separate issue.
quicktime is a contradiction in terms. Never been quick or on time
I think its on purpose... it possibly creates that sense of excitement/exclusivity.... Also, how else would you keep Quick Time alive?
Haha... Spot On!! Sharing it immediately. :)

Suck on that Apple.
If it didn't work they wouldn't do it, anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.
Let me remind you that Google and Microsoft both used web broadcasting for both of their major events this year, to a tremendous success.

My point was that Apple's presentation mechanism is archaic, and doesn't seem to be changing. I'm not criticizing the iPad (in fact, I may be buying one) and I'm not saying anything about their marketing or their ecosystem. This was written purely to question their broadcasting and presentation mechanism.
LOL - so you're going to buy an iPad anyway. Apple really don't need to listen to you at all, do they?
+Nairn McCrudden First of all, I said "may", and secondly this issue applies to their entire product line, not just their Tablet.
Well thanks for calling me an idiot, I guess.
LOL! Apple haters complaining they can't see the keynote. Legend!
Well, your posting (and the majority of comments) sounds a bit biased to me. btw: you don't have to leave your valuable email-address to download Quicktime (just leave the field empty).
+Thomas Kutschi I've owned several Apple products. I only just recently parted with an iPhone 4, and was an owner of a Macbook Air as well. I'm not sure how I could be considered biased.
Just read the comments! I just found it funny that some of the people hate apple and complain about the non-availability of the stream on the other side - no offense!
Russell Holly is not an Apple hater. I am, and it takes one to know one and he ain't one.
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