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Russell Holly hung out with 4 people.Chris Sewell, Shen Ye, Adam Lawrence, and Corry Robb
CTIA Roadtrip
Russell Holly and 4 others participated
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Feel free to comment here and we'll answer them as we go along.
If they stop for some fast food are they taking us into the restaurant?
Although McDonalds probably has free wifi... ditto for Burger King. Goatguy used to post there... until they started requiring people to become registered users, etc. was never the same after that... sadly.
Previously all you had to do it enter a user name -- no email, etc.
The comments went down dramatically -- I stopped visiting after goatguy quit.
There are other ways... such as have the authors solve a math problem...
It's jumping between Shen, Corry and you and Russell for a while. It stopped now and it's on Shen. We have no control over that right?
i'm clicking it to do that. that's on me
Nope. still barely have data. Going to have to wait a little bit to start it back up.
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