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At the end of the day, everything is an iPad.

+Christopher Chavez just pointed out to me that I was shown on BuzzFeed, #17 on "21 Reasons you should never take pictures with an iPad. I have a few comments here.

1 - I am not holding an iPad. I am holding an ExoPC Slate. The ExoPC logo is on the back of the device. It's pretty obvious that is not an iPad.

2 - The ExoPC Slate does not have a rear facing camera. In fact, what I was going at the time was playing with the accelerometer on a game in Meego, because that was what the tablet was running at the time. It has since been upgraded to Windows 8 developer preview.

3 - I am not sitting in the front row. I know, because that picture was taken at Google I/O last year, and I am sitting about 6 rows back. This picture must have been taken from someone on the stage in order to get that shot, which means it was taken either by a member of the venue staff, or a Googler.
21 Reasons You Should Never Take Pictures With An iPad: JUST DON'T DO IT! You look ridiculous!..
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At least you weren't rioting....
I see my head in the background of that picture!
I have to admit, I laughed when I went through the original article and saw Russell sitting in the front row at I/O taking photos with that thing.
Tito Z
I think someone submitted that picture to troll you lol.
I looked at the photo before reading his post and laughed because it looked like he was in the front row.
Can I ask you something somewhat unrelated? Why were you playing a game with the thing raised a foot and a half above your head?
Ah, I see. Still doesn't answer to the ridiculous amount of errors in the BuzzFeed post.
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