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Movie in the Google Play Store the day after it hits the theater? Yes. Very yes.
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Its also in the Amazon streaming store. I was considering watching it using my Roku.
I started watching Thursday night and finished Friday night. Earlier in the week, before release, nearly 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, then 60 percent Thursday and 75 percent last night. The fans are wild.
Thanks for the heads-up, +Russell Holly!  I probably wouldn't have made it to the theater for this one, but it's definitely worth a streaming rental.
Awesome.  I had no idea.  Thanks for telling us about it!
And it's only $6! This is great news! Wow. I'm actually ecstatic. Now I can use those credits I gained from surveys, promotions, Kit Kats, etc... Very nice!!
I was disappointed that the rest of the world got more options for watching this compared to backers :(
Not in the Hong Kong store (yet?) unfortunately...
It is available in Italy too, and here the movie will be in the teather not before may! Wow! 
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