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BBQ [x] Package

Everything mentioned above PLUS — We will book you a first class round trip flight (continental United States only) as well as a room in the Hyatt hotel. Big Android BBQ founder Aaron Kasten will meet you at the airport wearing a monocle and top hat holding a tablet displaying your name, then chauffeur you to the drive-thru restaurant of your choice followed by your hotel. Your hotel room will be ready for you with a welcome package. As an added bonus you will have golf cart service between the hotel and conference center during the event along with many other exciting and exclusive opportunities

That's hilarious! Also, go buy tickets. Now. I'll be there, you should be there. 
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I clicked on the link and it wasn't very informative. What happens at these things? Obviously it's about Android, but other than that I got nothing. Lolz 
There are a few talks, a booth floor. That's pretty much it. Oh, and there's a dinner at the end where they give a bunch of stuff away.

It's pretty cool.
Hmm. I might have to go. Not sure. I could be unavailable was it happens. 
I've been every year and always have a blast. This is my first year not participating in the planning and whatnot, which kind of sucks. I miss it already, but I think +Aaron Kasten has a killer plan for the event already. 
He has Doctor Who on his profile. He's cool. And now followed by yours truly. :-) Since you are such a good cook, are you going to be the bbq master? 
+Martin ellis They man in charge of the foodstuffs at this event is +Ray Walters, whose league is so far from mine I can barely make out his shadow.  
Ah. See I thought they were just using his sauce. OK that makes sense. :-) 
My mission is start reading books for my entertainment between now and October so that +Russell Holly will talk to me at the BBQ :P
It's almost worth the money to have Kasten waiting in a top hat and monocle.  :)
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