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Want your favorite Google Exec to show up at the Big Android BBQ? Call them out in a video.

The BBQ guys are giving free airfare to the even for whoever does the best job making a youtube video asking their favorite Google Exec or celeb to come to the event.

+Vic Gundotra, or +Leo Laporte?
+Andy Rubin or +Wil Wheaton?
+Dan Morrill or +Felicia Day?

Just make a video, put it on youtube, and submit it to the BBQ guys over at They'll be letting everyone vote on the best videos in 2 weeks.

Oh, and if you actually succeed in having your Exec/celeb show up, you get to be the one to introduce them on stage at the BBQ!
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Seriously going to give this a shot. i want to go to the BBQ so bad but just can't afford it, but this would make it a lot more affordable. Plus it would be awesome if one of them came because of our videos. Now i only have to decide who to ask.

EDIT also curious, does +Felicia Day own an android phone or have any interests because i haven't noticed that.
hey +Russell Holly what happens if someone makes a video, and does not win the best video, but the person they invited decides to come based on that video. any chance there could be multiple winners in that unlikely, but possible situation.

Just an idea cause a bunch of people could invite andy rubin, and a video wins for him, but then lets say someone invites wil wheaton and he decides to go just from the video as well, but now that person didn't win and may not be going to the BBQ but the person he invited is going.
Everyone who makes a video about the person that comes would get to be on stage to introduce them
Good job putting this together, Russell.
Thanks, but I won't be satisfied unless one of these people actually shows up. Hate to say it, but I totally didn't put this contest together to get somebody free airfare. I did this so I could drink with one of my personal heroes.
We have a separate arrangement that would need to be made with the celeb/exec.
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