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Oh AT&T... I really wish you hadn't done this, and I really wish HTC hadn't allowed it on the ONE.

Looks like I'll be working this weekend after all. 
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Just what mobiles need - browser toolbars laden with spyware... I already hate looking at someone's pc because the 'internet isn't working right' and opening their browser only to be greeted by 5 or 6 different toolbars, please don't let that happen to phones as well.
LOL what is this internet explorer and some kinda freeware?!? 
+Azzedine Bouleghlimat Yes, death to BHOs! My wife used to be all about the browser helper objects and would have all kinds of toolbars with smiley add-ons, etc until she got so tired of her browser not working, I was finally able to get her to get rid of the "cute" so she could have function. uggh
Can't you turn it off by using the Settings icon on the toolbar?
+Jack Seeley yeah but it's on by default. I just disabled the app. I'll take Chrome over Skyfire anyday.
Maybe if we can get everyone to flag the app as "inappropriate" for spyware it could get jerked all together?
Worth a shot....
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