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Exclusive! Nobody actually knows anything about the next version of Android!

We have no proof. We speculate because we live on the utter bleeding edge of tech and if there isn't something new to look forward to we get distracted and wind up being productive in our personal lives or something crazy like that.

Anyway, here's my thoughts on the kerfuffle so far.
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I heard it makes your shit look like rainbow sherbert.
I heard there is an financial app that fixes the budget.
Ward A
I heard it bricks your phone and makes you buy an iPhone. It was in the lawsuit.
I still thought Android 4 was going to be called iOS
After using 4.0 I can't see what else is needed in a phone OS
Wait so...Jelly Bean WON'T give me spider powers? Bah.
Android 5.0: It's the Chuck Norris of mobile operating systems!
+Russell Holly I'm really, really excited about Jelly Bean. Not only is it my favorite snack, but it might be my favorite mobile OS (that's just a guess).
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