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I am really not a fan of many games on Tablets. I think virtual controllers suck really badly. However, since Google demonstrated a few games on the Nexus 7, I figured I would give it a try.

Dead Trigger just came out today, and it is the most enjoyable shooter style game on a tablet. The game works because the game does way too much auto aiming, which is necessary for gaming on a tablet.

For $.99 you can't go wrong, especially if you have a Tegra 3 device to play it on. 
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I can't wait to play it on the N7. Also, it doesn't consume a huge amount of storage!
Purchased, thanks for the suggestion.
Kevin F
Some of the games support game controllers. I plug my logitech dual action controller to my transformer prime and it works with the SNES and gameboy advance emulators and with the game Cordy
Looks like a good way to use some of that free Google Play store credit they gave us along with the Nexus 7.
Oooh I like it! Smooth on my Galaxy Nexus on Jelly Bean (Jellybelly build)
Kevin F
Just got the game too... will test it with my logitech controller and the xbox 360 controller. Would be awesome if it supported both.... oh, to note. onlive cloud gaming on transformer prime works perfect with the xbox 360 controller.
The other game that was down off during the keynote, Horn, hasn't been released yet. I hope it drops soon, because that game looked amazing.
Awesome game for the price. Love the short missions.
It works great with a controller too, BTW. Kudos to Madfinger for making all their games play nicely with controllers.
Kevin F
Yep, it has been a god send today since I had to work on July 4th and its crazy slow at work... Been playing that and onlive game lego batman... I love when people walk by and see the game. You see their jealousy and hatred in their eyes.
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